Thanks Eleanor!

Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Do ONE thing EVERY day that scares you? Really, Eleanor? Really?

When Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said this, she wasn’t talking about jumping out of a plane or watching Wolf Creek, she was talking about comfort zones. GET OUT OF THEM PEOPLE!! I’m one that really struggles with this. I like my comfort zone. They’re comfy! (duh!) I get anxious and nervous and I get sweaty palms when put in an environment of new challenges.

But once you try something and get out of your comfort zone do you discover you’re stronger than you thought?! Do you think I’VE GOT THE POWER? No? …I’m not great at taking that leap to try something new to begin with, sometimes I need a push. Sometimes I overthink things and wonder if I really should try this new thing, this new challenge and take that leap.

I don’t think there’s been a time where I’ve regretted trying something new though. It may have not turned out the way I’d hoped and I may have struggled, but looking back that’s just a learning curve of life and nothing anyone should really regret.

I signed up for an online running program this week. I need some guidance and tips to help tackle the running disciple for triathlon. I thought, trying something new like this would help me commit and I’ll be held accountable for my training as I’ll have a small network of other runners to answer to. I’m excited about this, but also really nervous for some reason. I think it’s because I don’t really know how I’ll go across the 12 week program.

This is all new to me. Will I be able to find the motivation each week to get out there and follow the program set for me? What if I just can’t run? What if I’m slow or get injured? WHAT IF? Self-doubt is an ugly beast and has limited my actions before… I just have to give the beast something to be distracted by while I’m over here getting out of my comfort zone.

So I did just that today. No excuses. I got home, changed in to some running gear, gave the beast a blast of music through my headphones and headed out the door for my first outdoor running session. IN. THE. RAIN!! Melbourne had such fantastic weather over the weekend it was utterly disastrous that my first official day on the program would be dampened (literally!) by stupid, stupid rain! But I chatted to my new friends in my Learn to Run network and with their encouragement I made no excuse and I ran. I didn’t slip over and I didn’t injure myself! I just put one foot in front of the other and made it through my first half hour session. High five to that!

Have you done anything lately that has gotten you out of your comfort zone?