it’s a derby kind of day

On Saturday we had Peggy Oh Kneel from Ballarat Roller Derby come guest train us. We started with an off-skate warm up of skipping and leg exercises then it was on skates for one of the hardest endurance sessions I’ve had in awhile.

There were pace lines drills and track sprints and timed pack skating and jammer starts and agility drills and lots and lots of skating hard and fast. I almost puked. Twice. Then we scrimmaged!! I was definitely feeling exhausted by the end of it all, and it was hard work trying to stay focussed and scrimmage.

It was hard work. For me. I pushed myself as much as I could and I felt it. I AM still feeling it! I know one of the ways I am going to get better and quicker is to train at that intensity, I will probably hate it, and whinge and moan, but it’s needed. I need it.

After training a bunch of us piled in to Bliss Star’s car and headed to the VRDL second double header for the season. My mind really wasn’t on reviewing the bout this time, I was kind of still reeling from training… so all you get this time round is some photos! Enjoy!

We only caught the tail end of the first bout (therefore not many pics) Final score the Toxic Avengers 184 VS the Rock Mobsters 115.

Kitty Decapitate played for the Toxic Avengers this time around.

An awesome Mobster wall holding back the Toxics jammer.

Second bout was the Dead Ringer Rosies VS the Dolls of Hazzard. Rosies came up roses (hurr hurr) defeating the DollsĀ 210 to 118.

Ref Wrath doing a lovely job of gear checking the Rosies

Roger Jamjet also doing a lovely gear checking job on the Dolls

Epic game face from Swish Cariboom

Styx and Skate Bush jamming it out.

I was watching the Rosies during a time-out and it was the best moment. Swish was so animated discussing plays so passionately with her team. It was awesome to watch!

Northside represent!

Saturday was a good derby day. Great (exhausting) training. Some good derby to watch at the VRDL bout(s), and great to watch it with some Northside girls! High five to that!!

…though I think this lady wasn’t so keen on watching the bout, she preferred to knit!?