DUDE! You cannot do everything!!!

I email a derby friend of mine almost on the daily. It’s a nice little check-in with each other, just to have that moment of distraction from work stresses. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help work through things when you’re a worrier (like me) or just to share things that are awesome or what delicious cake you had for lunch!

So today we were talking about setting achievable goals. I mentioned that my lower back has been giving me grief and now I think I need to fit some extra core work/Pilates sessions in to my training regime… pretty much got the response of “DUDE! You cannot do everything!!!”

you can't do everything

I know I can’t do everything. I don’t wear my undies on the outside. I just feel like I’m not doing the RIGHT things for what I want to achieve and I’m now concerned my body isn’t going to get me where I want to go!

To which my wise friend said:

*I* think….

1.  Keep your body in good nick – so find a few easy exercises to do at home. Maybe throw in a few extra core exercises at start/end of (derby) training??
2.  You train a lot for derby, its good strength/cardio. It builds your legs.
3.  Swim twice if you can?  One if you can’t
4.  Go for at least one run, or do some treadmill time at the gym.

One of your exercise sessions can meet multiple goals.

Hello voice of reason! I need to be ok with making ACHIEVABLE goals. Like I said in my last post I have the belief, I really just have to work on my ACTIONS to work toward achieving my goal.

So I’m going to sit down and really figure it out what these small ACHEIVABLE steps are so I stop feeling so overwhelmed and to cut myself some slack. Giving myself some small wins will help keep me on track and feeling successful in reaching my goals.

High five to that!

The magical goal setting pyramid!

Today I read this ‘Goal Setting for Roller Derby’ blog post by Sandrine Rangeon. The article was great at breaking down how to set goals, what type of goals there are and how to organise your goals in time. I started to think more about my Tri-dream that I spoke about in my last blog post and how I should be looking at setting myself the specific goals needed to achieve my end result.

Taking on Francey Pants’ Goal Setting Pyramid idea I decided to create one specific to the challenges I have set myself (slow day at work FTW!). My long-term outcome is to compete in a sprint triathlon. I’ve already picked out which event I would like to participate in and that’s what I’ll be aiming for (Triathlon Pink). I needed to set myself a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound goal and this long-term performance goal ticks all the SMART principle boxes.

Working my way back from my long-term goal I had to think about what smaller, mid-term and short-term goals could I give myself to help achieve my greater dream. These felt easy to add in to the pyramid. I had already been talking to friends to sign up for a fun run in December, the weekend of my birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!). I had toyed with the idea of running in my first 5k run while I was over visiting family in Adelaide in October and now I’ve decided to actually commit to it!

The three short term goals are smaller actions I can put in to place. I wanted these goals to include all three disciplines to remind me I need to work on them all and find the ways to do this.

Here is my magical little pyramid!

NOT a pyramid scheme... a magical goal setting pyramid!

I think this pyramid could potentially be a dynamic thing. Perhaps my short-term process goals will change as I exceed them, or perhaps struggle with them.

I also read Fear’s blog post today entitled: Trust the process – how to be a derby badass and took away this super relevant quote:

“…you need to focus on the process that will get you to your goal, not just on the goal itself.

…but a really simple rule of thumb is to do something each day that your future bad ass derby* self will thank you for”.

*derby / triathlon / future awesome human!

How do you like to set goals? What steps do you put in to place in order to achieve them? Love to hear your thoughts!