Style Direction

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style this week. With the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival wrapping up today and reading blog posts over this last week from the lucky people that got to go to some shows, it’s interesting to see the new trends and forecast for the coming style season.

A lot of blogs I follow, tend to have such a strong personal style aesthetic. I admire their sense of style that seems (most of the time) to be an effortless extension of who they are. I don’t have a “style” per se, I have a miss-match wardrobe full of odds and ends that don’t really generate a cohesive idea of who I am.

Spring 2012 collection from Heidi Merrick / image from Eat Drink Chic

I like the idea of sitting down and writing out what your style direction is.

I love this style direction by Gala Darling. She’s entitled it Day Tripping Darling. She pin points exactly the direction she wants to emulate, giving examples of certain brands that also share her ideas and what she considers her essentials to pull together this defined style.

That for some people, may be an extreme to go to for the everyday woman. But for me, it has inspired me to think about what I really like to wear. What colours and patterns I love and what makes me feel good when I’m wearing it. Everyone needs a little superficial indulgence sometimes, and I know I do like a good shopping trip!

What is your personal style direction? Do you have yours defined? Or like me, is it just a jumble of your life that you’re trying to organise?