Belief = Actions = Results

Urgh. Kind of not feeling the love this week. Even though I’m loving this below image… the inspiration for today’s post.

Belief = Actions = ResultsWell I started my running program last week and managed to get out twice for my scheduled sessions. First up was Monday, and I had to run in the rain. But it was quite liberating and I felt a quiet sense of beginner’s achievement. I then tried to squeeze one in before derby training Tuesday night. I ended up pulling up with a sore right knee, so decided to rest it and missed training that night!

The third was an abbreviated run on the treadmill during my gym session on Thursday – but my body was aching from a travel team training the night before and I cracked it that my bones were letting me down so I didn’t love my weights session (I usually love pumping iron like Arnie!). I haven’t managed to get to the pool all week and I STILL haven’t sorted out my bike situation to hit the trails on 2 wheels.

I don’t know how to organise myself! Where do I start?

I read this post on the Iron Chicks blog entitled ‘Triathlon goal setting’ and it resonated with me. Have you ever come across something that just hits you right between the eyes and goes “Oi! This is you right now, listen up and maybe you’ll learn a little something!”

Well, this was definitely an article that made me sit up and have a good ol’ think about things. I do believe I have the desire to reach my goals. I BELIEVE I can achieve. Just point 3 and 4 of the below is what probably best describes why I’m not moving full throttle in to action.

So why do Ironchicks sometimes still not act?

  1. LACK of desire
  2. LACK of belief
  3. Not sure HOW to do it
  4. FEAR

Let’s look at point 3: Not sure HOW to do it?
I sit down with a calendar and try and pencil in WHEN I have the time to add extra training. Like I said in this post – everyone has 168 hours in their week. So WHERE can I find my spare hours? Urgh it’s So. Much. Work!! I already train 3 times a week with derby. I’ve now added another 3 times run sessions in a week. I also do a weights session at the gym!

Can I haz rest now?

I can add my swims in on the same nights I do 2 of my runs. Ok, cool, I can probably manage that. That ticks 2 boxes. I *really* don’t want to share derby days with added sessions…but maybe I have to? It’s the bike leg I’m having trouble trying to figure out when to fit in.

My friend suggested I ride to work. This is all great in theory. Theory I’m not sure I want to put in to practice yet. Because A. I am not a morning person and B. I’m not a confident road cyclist. Not one little bit! I would have to get some practice in first to be comfortable with sharing the road with stupid people in stupid cars!

Which perhaps leads to Iron Chicks 4th point: FEAR
Maybe I am self-sabotaging myself already out of blind fear of failure? Fear of injury. Fear of riding to work and getting hit by a car. Fear of letting people down (fear of letting MYSELF down).

“Do I want the goal more than I fear it?”

If I am believing I am going to fail, I will fail. If I believe I am just too lazy to get off the couch on a Friday night and go swim laps, I pretty much already know that that will be my result. I do believe in myself. I just have to ACTION things. Start actioning some awesome organisational-ninja skills. Start actioning specific training regimes. Start actioning my super awesome do-all-the-things weekly plan… then that will equal results. Surely.

Belief = Actions = Results.

Have YOU had experiences where you’ve believed in a goal- actioned it accordingly and got the results you dreamed of?

Hard Hits and Hard Lessons

This is a TEDx Talk by Jennifer McMahon who is the founder of Humboldt Roller Derby. It’s an interesting talk, where she speaks about “Founders Syndrome” and the need to “Let Go” so that things can flourish. If you check out their ABOUT page on HRDs website you can read a bit more about how she got the league off the ground.

Home Bout #1

Our first home team bout is next weekend where my team the Pulp Vixens will take on the Sisters of Anarchy in our season opener for 2013. Below is the awesome bout poster for it!!

Sin Amen Whip for the Sisters is the happiest Jammer you’ll ever meet, and our Vixen Captain Spink! 182 is our little Demanda Riot!! High Five Team Purple!!

NSR first home team boutFor more information join the Facebook event page HERE.

Skater 26

The nature of sport. Fine looping motion, punctuated by violent collision. That is the equation, sacrifice and beauty on the flat track. No names, no interviews. The speed, the grace, the violence of the sport are encapsulated within a non linear narrative that showcases the athletes not the scene

Bay Area Derby Girls
Made in close conjunction with Bay Area Derby Girls.

It gave me goosebumps. I think it was just the way it was shot. The direction and the attention to detail. Any derby skater may feel a great sense of deja vu within elements of this film. The closeness of a game. The lead up. The training. The daily rituals. If you haven’t watched this yet, please do yourself a favour…

What did you think?

Vic / Tas Roller Derby Tournament 2013

So the Victorian/Tasmanian Roller Derby Tournament 2013 is in full throttle mode!

vic  tas tournament

The Victorian Tasmanian Roller Derby tournament is an ambitious undertaking to have as many leagues as possible in both Victoria and Tasmania play in 2013, culminating in finals determining a champion league.

This is really really exciting news! The groupings have been announced and we have been placed in Group 2 alongside fellow Victorians Geelong Roller Derby League and Ballarat Roller Derby League and two Tasmanian leagues (both from Launceston) Van Dieman Rollers and Devil State Derby League.

We will be holding try outs in a few weeks time to rank our skaters that will form our Travel A team squad (the Death Stars) for the tournament this year. Within that top 20 skaters our Captains will be nominated and voted in and planning and training for this event will amp up TO THE EXTREME!

I am incredibly excited about this tournament this year. 16 leagues across these two states are getting involved. It fosters a greater derby relationship across all levels (regional leagues, experienced metro leagues, up-and-coming leagues) and more derby action for the fans out there.

Our team that will be formed for this has an exciting opportunity to put their skills to the test in our May the 4th bout with a visiting interstate league (details are being finalised… can’t mention any names just yet ;)) so that should give us something to really strive for to get our strategy and team work together before the Tournament starts towards the end of May

High-five to ALL OF THE DERBY!!!