Belief = Actions = Results

Urgh. Kind of not feeling the love this week. Even though I’m loving this below image… the inspiration for today’s post.

Belief = Actions = ResultsWell I started my running program last week and managed to get out twice for my scheduled sessions. First up was Monday, and I had to run in the rain. But it was quite liberating and I felt a quiet sense of beginner’s achievement. I then tried to squeeze one in before derby training Tuesday night. I ended up pulling up with a sore right knee, so decided to rest it and missed training that night!

The third was an abbreviated run on the treadmill during my gym session on Thursday – but my body was aching from a travel team training the night before and I cracked it that my bones were letting me down so I didn’t love my weights session (I usually love pumping iron like Arnie!). I haven’t managed to get to the pool all week and I STILL haven’t sorted out my bike situation to hit the trails on 2 wheels.

I don’t know how to organise myself! Where do I start?

I read this post on the Iron Chicks blog entitled ‘Triathlon goal setting’ and it resonated with me. Have you ever come across something that just hits you right between the eyes and goes “Oi! This is you right now, listen up and maybe you’ll learn a little something!”

Well, this was definitely an article that made me sit up and have a good ol’ think about things. I do believe I have the desire to reach my goals. I BELIEVE I can achieve. Just point 3 and 4 of the below is what probably best describes why I’m not moving full throttle in to action.

So why do Ironchicks sometimes still not act?

  1. LACK of desire
  2. LACK of belief
  3. Not sure HOW to do it
  4. FEAR

Let’s look at point 3: Not sure HOW to do it?
I sit down with a calendar and try and pencil in WHEN I have the time to add extra training. Like I said in this post – everyone has 168 hours in their week. So WHERE can I find my spare hours? Urgh it’s So. Much. Work!! I already train 3 times a week with derby. I’ve now added another 3 times run sessions in a week. I also do a weights session at the gym!

Can I haz rest now?

I can add my swims in on the same nights I do 2 of my runs. Ok, cool, I can probably manage that. That ticks 2 boxes. I *really* don’t want to share derby days with added sessions…but maybe I have to? It’s the bike leg I’m having trouble trying to figure out when to fit in.

My friend suggested I ride to work. This is all great in theory. Theory I’m not sure I want to put in to practice yet. Because A. I am not a morning person and B. I’m not a confident road cyclist. Not one little bit! I would have to get some practice in first to be comfortable with sharing the road with stupid people in stupid cars!

Which perhaps leads to Iron Chicks 4th point: FEAR
Maybe I am self-sabotaging myself already out of blind fear of failure? Fear of injury. Fear of riding to work and getting hit by a car. Fear of letting people down (fear of letting MYSELF down).

“Do I want the goal more than I fear it?”

If I am believing I am going to fail, I will fail. If I believe I am just too lazy to get off the couch on a Friday night and go swim laps, I pretty much already know that that will be my result. I do believe in myself. I just have to ACTION things. Start actioning some awesome organisational-ninja skills. Start actioning specific training regimes. Start actioning my super awesome do-all-the-things weekly plan… then that will equal results. Surely.

Belief = Actions = Results.

Have YOU had experiences where you’ve believed in a goal- actioned it accordingly and got the results you dreamed of?

Thanks Eleanor!

Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Do ONE thing EVERY day that scares you? Really, Eleanor? Really?

When Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said this, she wasn’t talking about jumping out of a plane or watching Wolf Creek, she was talking about comfort zones. GET OUT OF THEM PEOPLE!! I’m one that really struggles with this. I like my comfort zone. They’re comfy! (duh!) I get anxious and nervous and I get sweaty palms when put in an environment of new challenges.

But once you try something and get out of your comfort zone do you discover you’re stronger than you thought?! Do you think I’VE GOT THE POWER? No? …I’m not great at taking that leap to try something new to begin with, sometimes I need a push. Sometimes I overthink things and wonder if I really should try this new thing, this new challenge and take that leap.

I don’t think there’s been a time where I’ve regretted trying something new though. It may have not turned out the way I’d hoped and I may have struggled, but looking back that’s just a learning curve of life and nothing anyone should really regret.

I signed up for an online running program this week. I need some guidance and tips to help tackle the running disciple for triathlon. I thought, trying something new like this would help me commit and I’ll be held accountable for my training as I’ll have a small network of other runners to answer to. I’m excited about this, but also really nervous for some reason. I think it’s because I don’t really know how I’ll go across the 12 week program.

This is all new to me. Will I be able to find the motivation each week to get out there and follow the program set for me? What if I just can’t run? What if I’m slow or get injured? WHAT IF? Self-doubt is an ugly beast and has limited my actions before… I just have to give the beast something to be distracted by while I’m over here getting out of my comfort zone.

So I did just that today. No excuses. I got home, changed in to some running gear, gave the beast a blast of music through my headphones and headed out the door for my first outdoor running session. IN. THE. RAIN!! Melbourne had such fantastic weather over the weekend it was utterly disastrous that my first official day on the program would be dampened (literally!) by stupid, stupid rain! But I chatted to my new friends in my Learn to Run network and with their encouragement I made no excuse and I ran. I didn’t slip over and I didn’t injure myself! I just put one foot in front of the other and made it through my first half hour session. High five to that!

Have you done anything lately that has gotten you out of your comfort zone?

The magical goal setting pyramid!

Today I read this ‘Goal Setting for Roller Derby’ blog post by Sandrine Rangeon. The article was great at breaking down how to set goals, what type of goals there are and how to organise your goals in time. I started to think more about my Tri-dream that I spoke about in my last blog post and how I should be looking at setting myself the specific goals needed to achieve my end result.

Taking on Francey Pants’ Goal Setting Pyramid idea I decided to create one specific to the challenges I have set myself (slow day at work FTW!). My long-term outcome is to compete in a sprint triathlon. I’ve already picked out which event I would like to participate in and that’s what I’ll be aiming for (Triathlon Pink). I needed to set myself a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound goal and this long-term performance goal ticks all the SMART principle boxes.

Working my way back from my long-term goal I had to think about what smaller, mid-term and short-term goals could I give myself to help achieve my greater dream. These felt easy to add in to the pyramid. I had already been talking to friends to sign up for a fun run in December, the weekend of my birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!). I had toyed with the idea of running in my first 5k run while I was over visiting family in Adelaide in October and now I’ve decided to actually commit to it!

The three short term goals are smaller actions I can put in to place. I wanted these goals to include all three disciplines to remind me I need to work on them all and find the ways to do this.

Here is my magical little pyramid!

NOT a pyramid scheme... a magical goal setting pyramid!

I think this pyramid could potentially be a dynamic thing. Perhaps my short-term process goals will change as I exceed them, or perhaps struggle with them.

I also read Fear’s blog post today entitled: Trust the process – how to be a derby badass and took away this super relevant quote:

“…you need to focus on the process that will get you to your goal, not just on the goal itself.

…but a really simple rule of thumb is to do something each day that your future bad ass derby* self will thank you for”.

*derby / triathlon / future awesome human!

How do you like to set goals? What steps do you put in to place in order to achieve them? Love to hear your thoughts!

Derby Girl vs Triathlete


So my dream-slash-obsession for the second half of 2014 is to train for a triathlon. I’m not really sure where this brand new idea came from!? I am NOT and runner. I am NOT a bike rider, and my only real foray in to swimming was winning the 50m breaststroke in a swimming carnival back when I was in grade 5!

Roller Derby vs Triathlon?But the more I thought about the challenge the more I pictured Barney Stinson in my head reciting the phrase CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I started reading triathlon blogs. Buying magazines about running. Reading about each discipline and the training, nutrition and gear required. It is like a new obsession… it reminds me SO MUCH of myself when I first got in to roller derby. People involved in triathlons talk about it being like a cult. It takes over your life and has a fantastic community that surrounds it… hmm sounds familiar!?

Since I got back from Rollercon* I’ve slowly started putting in to place some extra training specific to my pursuit of triathlon glory! I started telling people my goal. The more people I tell, the more it becomes real to me and I want to hold myself accountable and DO THIS! I’m looking at training and competing in a sprint distance Tri by January 2015. Leading up to this, I have my sights set on some 5k fun runs too. Small steps and realistic goals! High five to that!

It only dawned on me when I first started looking at my weekly derby training schedule… where the hell was I going to find the time to make this tri-dream happen? Can I maintain my active involvement in derby and work towards this new challenge? Do I have room for derby and work AND life AND EXTRA TRAINING!!?? But then that Old El-Paso ad came in to my head and…

Old El Paso little girlWhile I was at Rollercon I took a Krissy Krash off skates seminar entitled ‘Beast Mode Activated’ which she spoke about how to balance cross training, time management, positive mental attitude, eating right, practices, and everything in between to truly active your beast mode. She spoke about this book called ‘168 Hours, you have move time then you think’ by Laura Vanderkam. Now, I read some reviews later and it doesn’t seem like it would really be relatable to my current situation BUT… the main thing Krissy mentioned in her seminar regarding the message from this book was that we ALL have 168 hours in our week. Those people that are successful in their careers – they have 168 hours in their week. Those super awesome professional sports stars you admire – they have 168 hours in their week. We ALL have the same amount of time in our lives to allocate to our priorities. So what is your priority? Is spending your weeknights on the couch watching the latest Dr Who a priority? Excellent, that’s great. But own that decision and don’t say you don’t have enough time to pursue what really deep-down you’d love to be doing.

I’ve caught myself multiple times saying “I don’t have the time”… lies, ALL LIES! I have time. I have 168 hours in my week to MAKE the time. So I’ve started to think what IS a priority for me. Setting goals, giving myself challenges and making them happen. Planning never really was my strong suit… but it’s time to change that for myself.

I do want to find the time to start writing again. I have had a long hiatus from this blog and tonnes of things have happened. I want to start filling in the blanks on here and rekindle my happiness for sharing. I’m going to start documenting some of my new found adventures in the quest of achieving some personal goals and I hope you come along for the ride (or run, or bike, or swim! ;))

*I will write about Rollercon… PROMISE!


1 Year Blogiversary!

Today I turn 32 and my Blog turns 1.

One year ago today I launched this blog on my birthday! Last year I wrote about the 5 moments in my year that deserved a high five. I thought I would keep the tradition going and sum up my year just gone packaging them up nicely in 3 easy to use sub-headings.

The Roller Derby


To be honest this should have its own complete chapter of high fives, because really, my life pretty much revolves around this ridiculous sport and there have been SO many moments worth mentioning… so I’m just going to rattle a few of them off.

Attended 2 VRDL bootcamps  | Joining Northside Rollers and obtaining an instant family | Passing my Green Star | Easter Scrimmage Extravaganza | Meeting Bonnie D’Stroir and attending her bootcamp | Playing with EVRD in the Debutante Brawl in my first bout in Victoria | Getting drafted to the Death Stars | Playing (and winning) my first bout as a Death Star against Bendigo’s Chiko Rollers | The Great Southern Slam | Playing my old league at TGSS – Murder City Roller Girls | Winning both games at TGSS | TGSS after party | Joining our Executive Committee as League Secretary | Travelling to Wollongong to play Steel City Derby Dolls | Planking | Being voted in as Alternate Captain of our newly formed league team the Pulp Vixens | Getting my mug in the paper | Winning our first home team bout against the Sisters of Anarchy | Winning the after party | Being voted in as Alternate Captain of our travel team the Death Stars | Having a Derby Photoshoot | Playing against the VRDL Gold Lions (as Alt Capt) in Rosebud | Getting a new derby wife | Playing against SSRD The Banshees and WINNING (as Alt Capt) | Watching a banked track game between LA Derby Dolls and Gotham!! and High fiving ALL of the skaters: Suzy Hotrod!! and Bonnie Thunders!! | Bootcamp with Jackie Daniels and hanging out with her and Demanda Riot | Plenty of bouts watched and many derby laughs had!

Ok… that was more then a few… but C’MON!! if you read this blog at all, 95% of the time derby is all I write about, because the other 5% of the time I am squeezing in work, sleep and time with the Civilian. This year has been an epic one. So many really REALLY awesome things, even more then what I listed above!

I think the main thing I will take away from this year is that I do still love this sport. Even with it’s disappointing, stressful, hukling-out moments (yes, there were also plenty of those this year!). I am very thankful I started skating with my league, they are my family now! I have made some really amazing (lifelong) friends. It might be a ridiculous sport, but it’s still one that’s pretty fucking awesome!

The Family + The Friends

PhotoGrid_family and friends

Oh Gosh I have an awesome family! My nephew turned 1 back in March so we went across to South Australia to celebrate. He’s growing up so fast, and I’m bummed that I’m not super close (geographically) to my sister to get extra cuddle-time with him! But man he’s a cool little dude!

We were back over there again in October for my mum’s 60th! I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages at that party! We’re such a hilarious bunch (even if we I do say myself!!). My parents also came and visited us prior to that to see a bit of where we’ve moved too. Wasn’t the best weather when they were here, but they went to a couple of footy games and we even met up with some old 70s rockers!

We had quite a few friends come visit us from Adelaide. At the start of the year I had a house full of derby girls all visiting at once. Also my buddies Darren and Kylie came over from Tasmania. UK Emma came for a visit TWICE! before she headed back home from her stint working in Sydney. Highlight of her visit was us attending the Neighbours Night down at St Kilda  and meeting Dr Karl. Yes, THE Dr Karl!… read about all the shenanigans of that night HERE!

The Spirit of Adventure.


I had sporadic work this year so we didn’t plan too many vacations. But we did head to the Falls Creek for a week in the snow. That was a blast! It was such an intense week. I struggled to maintain the momentum of skiing everyday, and quite enjoyed sitting in the spa (or bar!) instead and just relaxing. It definitely was a workout for the muscles and I probably took a week to recover from it. Also, hot tip, ALWAYS remember that you are not wearing knee-pads when “taking a knee” on tightly packed ice, it just ain’t cool bro! 🙂

Other than that, trying to fit in a free day between all my derby commitments is sometimes tricky. We went for a few bike (push bike AND motor bike) rides at the start of the year when the weather was still sunny. Hopefully we can get out a few more times before the year is out. I predict we’ll be spending quite a few more days down in Mornington at the beach… especially because there is a new jet ski in the mix that all the Outlaws want a turn on.

I don’t think we have many big trips planned for next year… I think it’ll be 2014 before we hit the skies for another overseas adventure.

So yes, was quite a ride this year adjusting to my new life in Melbourne, it did fly by pretty quick. Soon the calendar will turn over to the new year (I call your bluff Mayans!!) and hopefully some new, exciting adventures will come my way!

High five to that!

The High Country

I caught another case of Wanderlust when an old episode of Poh’s Kitchen was on yesterday. She was in (and around) Bright, a gateway town to the Victorian Alps. What peaked my interested was the converted tobacco kiln in which she cooked in front of located in Porepunkah.

The Kiln House is located about 3 hours out of Melbourne and looks to me like the greatest weekend escape location if ever there was. There are 3 different establishments that can be booked ranging in size. There are wineries, cafes, and the Bright Brewery all within short distances.

Who wouldn’t want to have that view to wake up to every day? I’d want to visit this location in Winter, where you can curl up under a doona watching the sky unfold outside with someone warm beside you. Laze about for hours drinking all of the wine and eating ALL OF THE CHEESES!

I love the architectural features of these buildings and the way the interiors are put together. The Cavedon Kilnhouse was designed by Sally Draper Architects incorporating a simple palette of new constructive materials against the rich texture of the existing structures.

I could unwind, relax, forget about the World and really find a moment of peace. I’ve never had a holiday where I’ve just stopped. Stopped for a moment and let the World just unfold around me. Sometimes when you are on the go all of the time you do need to stop. Physically take yourself away for a moment and be calm. This seems like an ideal place to do that in!