What you gone do when I appear?
W-when I premier?
Bitch the end of your lives are near
This shit been mine, mine.

Azealia Banks - 212

Happy Music Monday! Check out this awesome clip by Madrid Roller Derby, covering the Azealia Banks song “212” Ft Lazy Jay. I really do love this song!

They did a pretty good job of styling it similar to the original video clip. Watch right to the end to see the pig dancing on skates. You can watch the original video HERE.


Oh Hi Music Monday, haven’t seen you around for a while, how you doing?

I have this song on an old cassette tape somewhere when these guys toured Australia years ago (yes, the early nineties WERE years ago!!) in their original line up. They played a Live at the Wireless on Triple J and it’s hilarious and awesome and everything you would expect from Blink 182.

No respect lost for Travis Barker who has pulled out of this years Australian Tour. I wouldn’t call it a “phobia” I would call it a very valid fear.

The Bike Song

Don’t you just love it when a song reminds you of a good time or a place, or a friend you once knew. Today on the radio The Bike Song by Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. came on… and straight away it reminded me of my good buddy Brenton. It was just a song we both really dug and every time it came on we’d pop our heads over the partitions at work and give a nod of approval.

Then out of the blue I got this message from the B-Dids himself!

Warning random-ness coming up. Just heard Mark Ronson’s Bike Song on JJJ. Reminded me of being just over the fence from you in the EML tower. I love it when a song can take you to good time/place etc… thanks! Random-ness done 🙂

It was quite uncanny to hear from him like that! But totally rad that this song reminded both ourselves of each other and it and absolutely made my Music Monday! High five B-Didddy!!

Enjoy the song… one more time!!