Birthday Haul

So my Birthday came and went. I extended the celebrations for as long as I could without it spilling over to some other baby jesus’ birthday shenanigans.

I had a fantastic week. I was taken out for a lovely dinner on Wednesday night at Kumo Izakaya on Lygon St. An Izakaya is to the Japanese what tapas is to the Spanish. It was amazing food! Also indulged in a sake flight: three 60ml samples of varying sake from dry to sweet. Enjoyed that immensely.

birthday adventures

On Thursday (my actual birthday) I took the day off work and took myself shopping. I kick started the morning with a coffee and custard brioche from Dulcita on Brunswick St, Fitzroy before I BOUGHT ALL OF THE SHOES!!!

Seriously. I really did. But what can you expect when Rubi Shoes has 50% off all sale stock! I scored 4 pairs for $45! #Winning!! I also bought a pair of Ah-Mazing boots from Wittner. They were my present from mum and dad… I bought the Axelle wedge sneaker, with it’s buckle and kickarse spikes, Urgh! I’m in love with this shoe!!

birthday gifts

That night I had Vixens training, our last one before our bout on the weekend (and last one for the year!). I got plenty of high-fives, they all sang happy birthday to me, I got 32 birthday hits from Spink! and rad presents from the wifey! (who doesn’t love a ninja lego necklace!?!).

Friday night I had a few friends over to continue my celebrating. I was given Dance Central 3 for Xbox 360 so after something to eat we some of us got our battle on, on the dance floor. It’s the funniest game to play, especially when some take it more seriously than others.

I also got plenty of derby-related presents too! I FINALLY got new plates for my boots. I was given the Riedell PowerDyne Reactor plates from the man (he had threaten to buy me a pair of Royal Doultan plates because I was taking too long decided which ones to get! hurr hurr he’s so funny :P). My sister got me a new Pro-tec classic helmet (I got it in white). The in-laws gave me Bont Jesa 608 Swiss Bearings which were on my Xmas list, so high-five to getting them early!! I also got a new whistle from Slay and Stax so I can blast it at coaching next year, and maybe try my hand at a bit of reffing (we’ll see!)

bday presents derby stuff

And of course Saturday was our Bout day (Yay to Vixens winning!!) and I kept the birthday celebrations going at the after party which we had at The Resurrection on Lygon St.

I spent the entirety of Sunday on the couch.

All in all, a massive birthday week. I am so grateful I have awesome friends I could celebrate with this year. I have an awesome family that spoils me rotten and a man that tolerates understands my need for new shiny derby gear! High five to that!

One Direction

No, this is NOT a post about the boy band ‘One Direction‘ (sorry English Emma!).

I’m continually pondering what direction I want to take this blog in. I have so many ideas brewing in my headspace, I’m confusing even myself as to where to take things. I don’t want it to become a melting pot of chaotic rubbish, I would like it to house some form of consistency (even when my life doesn’t!).

With everything right now it’s all a little up in the air, but I would like to ground it. I was chatting to a fellow blogger (oh Hi Michelle! Go check out her blog Art Gluttony) who will be attending the ProBlogger training event here in Melbourne next weekend about how we’ve kind of felt like we needed help with figuring out our direction, help to motivate us and work out our reason for doing this.

The majority of things I write about (obviously) is roller derby. It’s basically my life right now, BUT it is not wholly who I am. Just speaking to derby friends last night (at another “little meeting” as Mr Akka would say!) we were talking about what I am actually interested in doing for work, or what I’ve done in that past, and I explained a little about previous study and work and a little insight of things that I love. It was interesting to have this conversation with derby folk who then realise “Oh you have this whole other life and history? You’re creative and you’ve studied things”. It’s not like I was validating myself, but it was kind of nice to say “I’m not just derby!”.

So what do I like? I like art and photography and fashion and styling. I like theatre design and mixed media design, I like outfit posts and architecture and the study of form vs function. I like food styling and social commentary. I like craft and DIY. I like family history, travel stories and reviews of all kinds. I like live music and adventures and receiving letters from friends in the mail. I like renovation shows and visual merchandising and finding happiness in the small things. Oh yeh… and I do like roller derby!

I think I just wrote my new brief for this blog. All of the above. Now to work out how to incorporate it as my own. My own voice. My own stories. Just me.


this week according to my phone…

So are you on Instagram? Cause I am and I’m kind of loving it! It was the first app I downloaded when I finally got a smart phone (which was only about a month ago – *slowly* keeping up with the cool kids, I am!).

Follow me @highfivetothat and I’ll follow you back *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Sunday we took the bike down to Mornington for lunch with Matt’s Dad and family.

Lunch was at The Grand Hotel which had some stunning stained glass lining the hallway.

Liking their old stuff better than their new stuff… I REALLY want to go to this gig! (please buy me a ticket and I will love you forever). This was my soundtrack driving to training this week!

Good derby training was good.
I had a little #winning moment which made me happy inside.

I made THE BEST nachos. No contest!

…and then it was Friday and I decided it was Margarita Day!! Iced this one up In my favourite glass that I picked up from Dick’s Last Resort when we visited Chicago. 

Yeah… so add me… like a Boss!

so sentimental, not sentimental no

We have many many gadgets in the house. So many in fact that I do not know what half of them are! Matt is a techno geek that loves the latest and greatest. His latest obsession is with the dream of becoming a documentary film maker from the back of his motorbike. This dream is something I can easily back. I’ll be your camera man, Man! I’ll be your pillion passenger and help edit and make your films (I do not know how to edit, but that’s a minor detail!)

He purchased the VIO POV HD with all the accessories and camera mounts that he “had to have”! Now, there is definitely multi uses for these little cameras… Oh yes, did you say “what about some awesome footage of your outdoor skating Akka?” – don’t mind if I do!!

We went out for the usual track skate just to test out the gear. While we were out we decided to check out the local velodrome near by. Ummm BANKED TRACK anyone? Now, it IS a Velodrome, not quite the right slope to successfully achieve an entire track skate, but it was awesome fun to give it go! We WILL be going back for another attempt!

Anyway, here is the little video that Matt cut together. It’s his first try, it’s my first starring role, so excuse the majority of butt shots! This one’s for you Mum!

(You might have to hit the HD button in the top right hand corner to make the video stream better! – it goes for about 3 minutes).

p.s: I’ll smile more next time!! 🙂

this is why…

… I want to learn the ukulele!

This song always reminds me of a girl I used to train with (Hi Crush’er!!). The original is a great way to get pumped up for derby training.

I wanted to learn the uke way before the hipsters hijacked the craze and made it ironic.

One day I’ll finally buy one and rock the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective’s socks off!! Oh Yeah!