I Want Wednesdays

Oh Hi there,Hi. Remember me? I hate those blogs you read that say “I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much lately….” then BOOM! You become one of them ONE OF THEM! ONE OF THEM!

Meh, life gets in the way *read “derby” gets in the way*… considering this started to become a blog “about” derby it’s interesting no? Aaaaanyway…

I am going to the snow in a couple of weeks which I am totally looking forward to. We’re staying in a large chalet with a bunch of people, and there is a SPA ON THE DECK! (not sure how much skiing I’ll actually be doing since I found out that juicy little fact!).

So for this ‘I Want Wednesday’ (thanks for the reminder English Emma that someone has been missing my posts) I want to make a snowman! A snow woman? Snow sculptures in the snow, out of snow. Snow.

…and it goes a little something like this:

But I’m sure if Matt has any involvement I’m sure we’ll end up making this:

I Want Wednesdays

After the most epic weekend in the history of epic weekends, I need a new brain!

There were multiple times over the Great Southern Slam where my mind literally exploded! I don’t even know where to begin to explain all the awesome moments of my weekend. There was just so much incredible derby that I got to watch. Fantastic people that I got to meet. Fan-freaking-tastic derby that I GOT TO PLAY!

KABOOM – Mind Exploded!!

It seriously was one of the best weekends of my life! It has cemented how much I love this sport, how much I love this community I am involved in and all the wonderful WONDERFUL people that I have in my life because of it.

I definitely want to share some of the awesome moments I got to experience over the weekend… I just need to get myself a new brain to process it all and come down from my high!

I Want Wednesdays

So last week I wanted some time, some spare time, it is still the same this week. I am sitting here my eyes drooping and almost falling asleep (repeating the pattern from all of today).

But I am SO SO SOOOOOOO looking forward to this weekend!!! It’s The Great Southern Slam baby!! I fly in to Adelaide Friday night for what can only be described as the GREATEST DERBY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!!! (capital letters required!).

So, it’s simple. This ‘I Want Wednesday’ is that I want to have an amazing, stress free, hulk-free weekend full of friends, fun, laughter and kick-ass derby. I’m playing in 2 bouts with the Death Stars and so looking forward to hitting the track with these girls again, then hitting the bar at the after party with everyone and anyone! It’s going to be EPIC!!

I’m going to high five the heck out of this weekend!! Let the good times ROLL!!

I Want Wednesdays

I would like some time please! Some spare time, does anyone have any?

Seriously. I want to update my blog with all the awesome derby things that’s going on lately but… I. Cannot. Find. The. Time. I’ve had some Dames of Hazzard visit me, they came along to a Northside training, we went to the VRDL double header that night and attended the VRDL masterclass the next day (that was all over a week ago now!!)

I also went to Bendigo this past weekend as part of the Death Stars line up to play Dragon City Derby Dolls Chiko Rollers and we came away with a win! It was an EPIC bout to say the least!! So much to report on that… so little time to do it in.

We’re also ramping up towards The Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in 10 days time! I have training and meetings and wrangling and my parents are visiting at the moment and I have to work and somehow sleep somewhere in between all that (I’m not a happy camper when I’ve had minimal sleep!).

I just need a little time… I didn’t even have time to update a Music Monday (ok, granted i did have some time, but I was recovering from being the last Northsider standing at the after party Saturday night… Yes, it WAS a 2 day hangover!)

So here’s a little Cher in a leotard straddling a gun to make up for it! Yeah! High five to THAT!