I Want Wednesdays

I want to make this Disco Ball Helmet via Instructables.

disco ball helmet

disco helmet

It wouldn’t be the safest head equipment to wear as actual protective gear while riding a bike or on skates, what with the glass mirror tiles on it and all. But hell! Just wear it strutting your stuff down Brunswick Street with the below attitude and everything will be right with the World.

bitch please im fabulous

High Five to wearing a disco ball on your head!

I Want Wednesdays

I haven’t really wanted much of late. But I thought I’d throw together a post of some fun things I’ve found about the place that I wouldn’t mind if they landed in my mail box.

This tank would be perfect for derby training. Bigger thighs are all the better to block you with my dear 😉

Wonder Thighs - Screened Tank
via Screened

I am still absolutely in love with Terrariums and have been pinning a million ideas of designs and ideas. This “Mossarium” by Petite Green of a miniature golf course is super cute! I wonder if you could make one of a little derby track surrounded by mossy hills? Challenge Accepted!

Mossarium by Petite Green
Mossarium by Petite Green found via The Flying Room

I am looking for some artwork for my walls. I really like the idea of hanging an old vintage World map up on the wall. Something you can look at and dream up your next adventure destination. I’m loving this one by Blacklist Studio. It’s a little pricey… but with a little eBay digging I’m sure I’ll find something in my price range.

The place we'll go
The Places We’ll Go – Vintage World Map 

I want ALL OF THE COLOURS!! The Kate Spade Fall 2013 collection is to-die for. Polka dots, bright pinks, clashing prints! All of the girly crap that I would love to wear if I had all of the money to overhaul my wardrobe!

Kate Spade Fall 2013
image via Glamour.com

Is there anything you are coveting right now?

I Want Wednesday

I want a change of hairstyle. They say a change is as good as a holiday, well I want a fricken vacation already! I always think about changing up my style, trying something new… but I always revert back to the same ol’ same ol’.

Here are some styles I’ve been lusting after of late:

all of the red
I’ve been dreaming a little too much about red hair lately…

blonde and brown
Browns and Bobs and Ombre Oh My!

You can see more lust-worthy locks over on my Pinterest board.

Do you have a style you’ve always wanted to try, but just never seem to take the leap?

I Want Wednesdays

Maybe I should change todays “I Want Wednesdays” to “Wanderlust Wednesdays”? I was in the city today in an office on Little Collins Street, on the 20th floor. I snapped this photo while I was waiting to meet someone and for some reason it made me think of New York.

Perhaps it’s that building in the background (centre) that if you squint your eyes a little and indulged in some imagination it kind of looks like the Empire State Building (ok, maybe just the outline of the spire, but still!). I forget sometimes that I’m living in such a big city (compared to Adelaide)

I’ve been to New York City twice now. Each time I’ve been there I’ve barely scratched the surface. It’s an amazing place to visit and it would be an exciting city to relocate to and live for a while (what a crazy adventure that would be!). The first time I was there I was travelling alone and it was a stop off point on my month long adventure through Canada. The second time it was with the Mr at the end of our 5 week ride across Route 66 on a Harley (I might tell that story another time!?).

I have fond memories of the city that never sleeps and really would love to go back someday. I would stay longer. Sublet an apartment for a few weeks (sites like airbnb.com have a multitude of privately owned accommodation options) and just live it up. Immerse myself in the art culture. Shop till my feet gave out from under me. Meet the people and make connections. It would be unreal.

Oh to dream a little dream!

I Want Wednesday

I want to know my passion.

source: The Wanderlust Project

I want to find that one thing that inspires me to bounce out of bed every morning and high five the day from start to finish.

I feel a little lost right now. Though, to be honest, I think I’ve been a little lost most my life. I flit from one experiment to the next, plod along in my life on auto-cruise without really taking the time to figure out what I want out of my time here on Earth.

How do people decide what their passion is? I could write a list of things that might make me happy, or I enjoy doing, but can I make it a passion of mine? Can I make money out of it to support myself? Can I feel like I have a purpose?

I don’t really think it’s an easy process. I know I need to start somewhere. Pin point a direction to follow and start following it. What is the very first step though? Is it to try new things? Get acquainted with old things? Go see a life coach? Have someone kick my butt in to overdrive? Brainstorm? Go back to study? I. Just. Don’t. Know!

I have to work it out… you know, like Beyonce says…