I Want Wednesday

I want a change of hairstyle. They say a change is as good as a holiday, well I want a fricken vacation already! I always think about changing up my style, trying something new… but I always revert back to the same ol’ same ol’.

Here are some styles I’ve been lusting after of late:

all of the red
I’ve been dreaming a little too much about red hair lately…

blonde and brown
Browns and Bobs and Ombre Oh My!

You can see more lust-worthy locks over on my Pinterest board.

Do you have a style you’ve always wanted to try, but just never seem to take the leap?

Tattoos + Derby

… go together like a horse and carriage. This, I tell you brother…

I always find interest in peoples tattoos. In roller derby you come across a lot of people with inked skin, some with some fantastic art pieces permanently on display in a walking skating exhibition.

I came across this site the other day. The Tattorialist and spent some time perusing the beautiful photos of some beautiful ink on beautiful people. Beautiful.

Stumbled upon this picture of Orel Kichigai from Paris Rollergirls. OF COURSE there would have to be a rollergirl in there somewhere!

I would like to get a nice big piece on the back of my leg (right under my butt!). I have a few small (single coloured) black pieces on my back, but after seeing so many well-done coloured pieces I really would like to go for that next!

Living in Melbourne I know I have access to some fantastic tattoo artists.. just have to find the right match (and design).

Are you inked?

say my name, say my name…

I thought I’d do a little review as a few people have asked where I got my new derby nameplate from and I thought I’d share the love!

I ordered my new nameplate from Miss Cake in the UK. I’d been looking for a sturdy acrylic nameplate for ages and stumbled upon this site by pure accident. I ordered the Personalised Roller Derby Necklace so I could have some input with the font and colours.

Sarah from Miss Cake was a gem. She emailed me an initial draft of the design for me to approve and we then emailed back and forth a few times with adjusted designs, until I asked the ever faithful friends on Facebook for their input (but decided to go with the original design I was sent!).

The nameplate itself is made of 2 layers of 3mm acrylic and I chose my 2 league colours (green and black) with a silver chain (you can also specify the length of the chain) that sits just on my collarbone. It’s quite light weight, so I probably wouldn’t wear it skating in a bout as it would fly around a bit.

Overall I think it looks great! The delivery time was super fast (considering the reputation of the UK postal delivery service!) I was happy with the price I paid and I’ve had tonnes of compliments on it and friends all asking where I got it from.

So now you know. Go get one and you too could look as fabulous as me! High five to Miss Cake!

I Want Wednesdays

I want these boots so so BAD! {swoon}.

There’s a flash sale on at the moment and I could get them for 50% off… but alas they would still be $85! (which I simply do not have spare to throw away on gorgeous glitter boots that I would barely wear but would put on a shelf and look at everyday).

I think they were made by tiny pixies in a land far far away.

Ringmaster Glitter Boot from Sportsgirl

Style Direction

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style this week. With the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival wrapping up today and reading blog posts over this last week from the lucky people that got to go to some shows, it’s interesting to see the new trends and forecast for the coming style season.

A lot of blogs I follow, tend to have such a strong personal style aesthetic. I admire their sense of style that seems (most of the time) to be an effortless extension of who they are. I don’t have a “style” per se, I have a miss-match wardrobe full of odds and ends that don’t really generate a cohesive idea of who I am.

Spring 2012 collection from Heidi Merrick / image from Eat Drink Chic

I like the idea of sitting down and writing out what your style direction is.

I love this style direction by Gala Darling. She’s entitled it Day Tripping Darling. She pin points exactly the direction she wants to emulate, giving examples of certain brands that also share her ideas and what she considers her essentials to pull together this defined style.

That for some people, may be an extreme to go to for the everyday woman. But for me, it has inspired me to think about what I really like to wear. What colours and patterns I love and what makes me feel good when I’m wearing it. Everyone needs a little superficial indulgence sometimes, and I know I do like a good shopping trip!

What is your personal style direction? Do you have yours defined? Or like me, is it just a jumble of your life that you’re trying to organise?

guest posting is super OK

A friend of mine has just started up her own blog and she was putting out the word for anyone interested in guest posting on her site. But of course I am!

I wrote a little post about blogs I follow… here’s a little excerpt:

Blogs are such a great way for people to express their own style and showcase their business and creative industries. I love sneaking a peek in to their lives and sharing in their personal journey. All the blogs I seem to follow tend to have a fashion aesthetic that I admire (even as diverse as they are!) and it’s a great big melting pot of ideas to draw from. Plus, a little escapism never hurt anyone.

You can read the rest of the article over on Everything Except the Kitchen Sink.

Post a high-five from me while you’re there!!