Derby Girl vs Triathlete


So my dream-slash-obsession for the second half of 2014 is to train for a triathlon. I’m not really sure where this brand new idea came from!? I am NOT and runner. I am NOT a bike rider, and my only real foray in to swimming was winning the 50m breaststroke in a swimming carnival back when I was in grade 5!

Roller Derby vs Triathlon?But the more I thought about the challenge the more I pictured Barney Stinson in my head reciting the phrase CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I started reading triathlon blogs. Buying magazines about running. Reading about each discipline and the training, nutrition and gear required. It is like a new obsession… it reminds me SO MUCH of myself when I first got in to roller derby. People involved in triathlons talk about it being like a cult. It takes over your life and has a fantastic community that surrounds it… hmm sounds familiar!?

Since I got back from Rollercon* I’ve slowly started putting in to place some extra training specific to my pursuit of triathlon glory! I started telling people my goal. The more people I tell, the more it becomes real to me and I want to hold myself accountable and DO THIS! I’m looking at training and competing in a sprint distance Tri by January 2015. Leading up to this, I have my sights set on some 5k fun runs too. Small steps and realistic goals! High five to that!

It only dawned on me when I first started looking at my weekly derby training schedule… where the hell was I going to find the time to make this tri-dream happen? Can I maintain my active involvement in derby and work towards this new challenge? Do I have room for derby and work AND life AND EXTRA TRAINING!!?? But then that Old El-Paso ad came in to my head and…

Old El Paso little girlWhile I was at Rollercon I took a Krissy Krash off skates seminar entitled ‘Beast Mode Activated’ which she spoke about how to balance cross training, time management, positive mental attitude, eating right, practices, and everything in between to truly active your beast mode. She spoke about this book called ‘168 Hours, you have move time then you think’ by Laura Vanderkam. Now, I read some reviews later and it doesn’t seem like it would really be relatable to my current situation BUT… the main thing Krissy mentioned in her seminar regarding the message from this book was that we ALL have 168 hours in our week. Those people that are successful in their careers – they have 168 hours in their week. Those super awesome professional sports stars you admire – they have 168 hours in their week. We ALL have the same amount of time in our lives to allocate to our priorities. So what is your priority? Is spending your weeknights on the couch watching the latest Dr Who a priority? Excellent, that’s great. But own that decision and don’t say you don’t have enough time to pursue what really deep-down you’d love to be doing.

I’ve caught myself multiple times saying “I don’t have the time”… lies, ALL LIES! I have time. I have 168 hours in my week to MAKE the time. So I’ve started to think what IS a priority for me. Setting goals, giving myself challenges and making them happen. Planning never really was my strong suit… but it’s time to change that for myself.

I do want to find the time to start writing again. I have had a long hiatus from this blog and tonnes of things have happened. I want to start filling in the blanks on here and rekindle my happiness for sharing. I’m going to start documenting some of my new found adventures in the quest of achieving some personal goals and I hope you come along for the ride (or run, or bike, or swim! ;))

*I will write about Rollercon… PROMISE!


Hard Hits and Hard Lessons

This is a TEDx Talk by Jennifer McMahon who is the founder of Humboldt Roller Derby. It’s an interesting talk, where she speaks about “Founders Syndrome” and the need to “Let Go” so that things can flourish. If you check out their ABOUT page on HRDs website you can read a bit more about how she got the league off the ground.

Home Bout #1

Our first home team bout is next weekend where my team the Pulp Vixens will take on the Sisters of Anarchy in our season opener for 2013. Below is the awesome bout poster for it!!

Sin Amen Whip for the Sisters is the happiest Jammer you’ll ever meet, and our Vixen Captain Spink! 182 is our little Demanda Riot!! High Five Team Purple!!

NSR first home team boutFor more information join the Facebook event page HERE.

Skater 26

The nature of sport. Fine looping motion, punctuated by violent collision. That is the equation, sacrifice and beauty on the flat track. No names, no interviews. The speed, the grace, the violence of the sport are encapsulated within a non linear narrative that showcases the athletes not the scene

Bay Area Derby Girls
Made in close conjunction with Bay Area Derby Girls.

It gave me goosebumps. I think it was just the way it was shot. The direction and the attention to detail. Any derby skater may feel a great sense of deja vu within elements of this film. The closeness of a game. The lead up. The training. The daily rituals. If you haven’t watched this yet, please do yourself a favour…

What did you think?

Vic / Tas Roller Derby Tournament 2013

So the Victorian/Tasmanian Roller Derby Tournament 2013 is in full throttle mode!

vic  tas tournament

The Victorian Tasmanian Roller Derby tournament is an ambitious undertaking to have as many leagues as possible in both Victoria and Tasmania play in 2013, culminating in finals determining a champion league.

This is really really exciting news! The groupings have been announced and we have been placed in Group 2 alongside fellow Victorians Geelong Roller Derby League and Ballarat Roller Derby League and two Tasmanian leagues (both from Launceston) Van Dieman Rollers and Devil State Derby League.

We will be holding try outs in a few weeks time to rank our skaters that will form our Travel A team squad (the Death Stars) for the tournament this year. Within that top 20 skaters our Captains will be nominated and voted in and planning and training for this event will amp up TO THE EXTREME!

I am incredibly excited about this tournament this year. 16 leagues across these two states are getting involved. It fosters a greater derby relationship across all levels (regional leagues, experienced metro leagues, up-and-coming leagues) and more derby action for the fans out there.

Our team that will be formed for this has an exciting opportunity to put their skills to the test in our May the 4th bout with a visiting interstate league (details are being finalised… can’t mention any names just yet ;)) so that should give us something to really strive for to get our strategy and team work together before the Tournament starts towards the end of May

High-five to ALL OF THE DERBY!!!

2013 Bout Dates Woot Woot!

Our 2013 Bout Dates have been released. Put these dates in your calendar and come watch our home teams in action. I’m still drafted to the Pulp Vixens and am excited to see if we can continue our reign of purple domination 😉

Home Team Bout Dates
Ooh and lookie here – I’m on the bout poster! (#801)

First session back!

Last night was our first training session back for the year.
It may of felt like this:

first training session back
via #RollerDerp – go vote for them in the DNN Facebook poll.

To be honest I wasn’t sure how I felt about coming back to training. I was having sporadic moments all off-season of being super pumped and looking forward to this 2013 season, to not wanting to go through all the hard work and drama that I know will also happen. It was a big “Ugh, I don’t even want to skate anymore” vs “Holy Crap this year is GOING TO BE AWESOME!”… maybe I was just experiencing an isolated moment of having summer vacation bi-polar?

Anyway. All those feelings were irrelevant the moment I geared up and jumped on the track after our off skates warm up. Seeing all the girls I’d missed over the break. Seeing everyone’s beaming smiles and seeing the enthusiasm exudes from everyones sweat-drenched faces (true, it was rather hot last night!).

We eased back in to things with some pace line drills. Then we worked on starts for the rest of the time. We had a few breaks to dissect the new rules and discuss strategy and skaters ideas on how to adapt our plays off the line.

It was a fun training session. I’ve put new 95A on my skates that I got for Christmas, and even with the newly polished floor and the slipperiness of the surface, I felt slightly faster and a tad more agile. I was even almost pulling off hockey stops… Ok, not “almost” but I impressed myself with the progress I’ve made on them after a bit of off-season practice.

I now have that familiar burn in my legs today which I’ve weirdly missed, and I’m looking forward to coaching tomorrow night and our first scrimmage back on Saturday!

There really is a lot of things to be excited about this year. We have locked in 2 teams to play our travel teams on May the 4th (Star Wars Day – how apt!) and more information of the VIC/TAS Regional Tournament has been announced.

2013 – It’s going to be a GREAT year. High Five to that!