One month alcohol free.

So I just completed one month alcohol free. It was one of my 33 things to do before I’m 33 and considering I’ve made no leeway in completing any of the other 32 things, I can now officially mark this one off the list!

self five barney

I didn’t document this last month in any real way, but I promise you I did actually complete this. It wasn’t so difficult actually. Considering I’ve stopped skating and not hanging out after training at the pub or attending after parties with debaucherous derby girls, it’s been easy enough to avoid the temptation of the sweet sweet cider!

It’s also been helpful not to drink for the month seeing as I’ve stopped exercising as much I haven’t added to the kilos I’ve lost with just empty alcoholic calories. I’m pretty chuffed with myself really that I didn’t succumb to the nightly red wine with dinner routine and I made it through a whole month without caving. High five to that!