What you gone do when I appear?
W-when I premier?
Bitch the end of your lives are near
This shit been mine, mine.

Azealia Banks - 212

Happy Music Monday! Check out this awesome clip by Madrid Roller Derby, covering the Azealia Banks song “212” Ft Lazy Jay. I really do love this song!

They did a pretty good job of styling it similar to the original video clip. Watch right to the end to see the pig dancing on skates. You can watch the original video HERE.

I Want Wednesdays

I want to make this Disco Ball Helmet via Instructables.

disco ball helmet

disco helmet

It wouldn’t be the safest head equipment to wear as actual protective gear while riding a bike or on skates, what with the glass mirror tiles on it and all. But hell! Just wear it strutting your stuff down Brunswick Street with the below attitude and everything will be right with the World.

bitch please im fabulous

High Five to wearing a disco ball on your head!

Hard Hits and Hard Lessons

This is a TEDx Talk by Jennifer McMahon who is the founder of Humboldt Roller Derby. It’s an interesting talk, where she speaks about “Founders Syndrome” and the need to “Let Go” so that things can flourish. If you check out their ABOUT page on HRDs website you can read a bit more about how she got the league off the ground.