2013 Bout Dates Woot Woot!

Our 2013 Bout Dates have been released. Put these dates in your calendar and come watch our home teams in action. I’m still drafted to the Pulp Vixens and am excited to see if we can continue our reign of purple domination 😉

Home Team Bout Dates
Ooh and lookie here – I’m on the bout poster! (#801)

First session back!

Last night was our first training session back for the year.
It may of felt like this:

first training session back
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To be honest I wasn’t sure how I felt about coming back to training. I was having sporadic moments all off-season of being super pumped and looking forward to this 2013 season, to not wanting to go through all the hard work and drama that I know will also happen. It was a big “Ugh, I don’t even want to skate anymore” vs “Holy Crap this year is GOING TO BE AWESOME!”… maybe I was just experiencing an isolated moment of having summer vacation bi-polar?

Anyway. All those feelings were irrelevant the moment I geared up and jumped on the track after our off skates warm up. Seeing all the girls I’d missed over the break. Seeing everyone’s beaming smiles and seeing the enthusiasm exudes from everyones sweat-drenched faces (true, it was rather hot last night!).

We eased back in to things with some pace line drills. Then we worked on starts for the rest of the time. We had a few breaks to dissect the new rules and discuss strategy and skaters ideas on how to adapt our plays off the line.

It was a fun training session. I’ve put new 95A on my skates that I got for Christmas, and even with the newly polished floor and the slipperiness of the surface, I felt slightly faster and a tad more agile. I was even almost pulling off hockey stops… Ok, not “almost” but I impressed myself with the progress I’ve made on them after a bit of off-season practice.

I now have that familiar burn in my legs today which I’ve weirdly missed, and I’m looking forward to coaching tomorrow night and our first scrimmage back on Saturday!

There really is a lot of things to be excited about this year. We have locked in 2 teams to play our travel teams on May the 4th (Star Wars Day – how apt!) and more information of the VIC/TAS Regional Tournament has been announced.

2013 – It’s going to be a GREAT year. High Five to that!

33 new things before I turn 33, in 2013!

I don’t tend to make New Years Resolutions. Never have. I don’t see the point of making big declarations of life changes at the start of every year only to (statistically) abandon all efforts by the middle of February. If you were really wanting to make some kind of change in your life I’m sure any other time during the year would be just as awesome a time to start.

I understand the concept of a new year, new beginning (an excuse perhaps?) or just pure motivation people need to jump in to that new project or life direction. If you do stick to your New Years resolutions and see them out, massive High-Five to you!

I recently read a post by Sarah Von Bargen on her blog Yes and Yes entitled 34 new things before turning 34 (found via Blockodile Dundee’s awesome little blog) and it got me inspired and thinking. I like making lists, I like trying new things, I like being creative and having adventures. Could I create my own list of new things to try this year?

design your own life

I can already foresee roller derby being epically busy this year and perhaps creating a non-derby list of new things to add to my life adventures could give me that extra distraction and time out when I need it.

So yes. No resolutions per se, but a list. A list of 33 new things to do before I’m 33 in 2013. I’m not going to explain each one right now (though most are pretty much self-explanatory), once I tick each thing off the list I will hopefully document it on here as evidence I completed them all.

Some of these things are pure and simple and some will need a little more planning. I wanted to think up lots of little and achievable things so the entire list didn’t seem too overwhelming. 1 or 2 I may have done before, but a long time ago that I’ve forgotten (or want to relive) the experience.

So without further ado:

My 33 new things to do before I’m 33!

  1. Learn the Ukulele
  2. Make a cake from scratch
  3. Go to the theatre
  4. Learn how to do a proper cats eye
  5. Host a fondue party
  6. Ride the West Gate Punt
  7. Eat clean for an entire weekly
  8. Read ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
  9. Use an underwater camera
  10. Bake a loaf of bread
  11. Take a Burlesque class
  12. Go up the Eureka Tower and stand in ‘the box’
  13. Get my motorbike licence
  14. Take a screen printing class
  15. Get a new tattoo
  16. Go to Luna Park
  17. Have an alcohol free month Nailed it – completed Dry July.
  18. Try stand-up paddle boarding
  19. Go Lomo
  20. Learn to knit a scarf
  21. Row a boat on the Yarra
  22. Make a piece of jewellery
  23. Learn to edit video footage
  24. Experiment with nail art
  25. Learn to make sushi
  26. Have a crafternoon with friends
  27. Take a Ride on Puffing Billy
  28. Make a pom pom garland
  29. Ride a mechanical bull
  30. Learn how to do my hair in a retro up-do
  31. Make a terrarium
  32. Dye my hair a colour of the rainbow
  33. Have a picnic at Hanging Rock

So there we have it! I have until my Birthday in December to complete the list… so *almost* a whole year…

Have you made any resolutions this year? Or created a list to challenge yourself or inspire new adventures? (or maybe you’d like to join me in mine?) I’d love to hear about it!!