This season is smelling off!

I’m lost without derby already and it hasn’t even been a week!

I ended the year on such a derby high, I think I’m coming down off it hardcore! I’m still talking about league stuff on a daily basis with certain people. I’m still planning for things next year. I’m still in derby brain mode… yet there was no training on Tuesday, there will be none tonight, or scrimmage Saturday. I won’t be doing drills or coaching or skating around in a circle and turning left until the end of January… it’s time to kick-start the off-season!

This is actually the first time I’ve had a designated off-season. I stopped skating end of 2011 when I moved to Melbourne, and didn’t join my new league until February. I wouldn’t deem that an off-season, I would deem that as my life taking priority.

But now?… now I have to look to next year and prepare myself. Maintain my fitness and focus on strength building.

 asks a good question: Are you an Athlete or Weekend Warrior? I would like to think of myself as an Athlete. As someone that wants to strive to be better, to dedicate myself to putting in the hard yards, to step it up a notch.

Sure, the Christmas period isn’t the best time to jump head long in to the World of full blown cross-training…

crosstraining in the off-season
via: The .Gif of Derby

…but it’s at this time of year that it’s crucial you look at how you will be planning on maintaining your fitness level. Think about resting those injuries but perhaps conditioning the ones you rarely accommodate in your standard training weeks.

For me? I am going to jump head first in to swimming (geddit? see what I did there?), plus jump on my bike to keep those legs active and focus on some core exercises. I am giving myself a 2 week break just to rest my mind and body. But in the new year it’s on.

2013… I’m SO going to own you! 😉

What is your off-season plans?

6 thoughts on “This season is smelling off!

  1. Don’t know if it counts as off-season when I haven’t played yet, but my plan is to stay on skates and try to figure out how to DO A BLOODY TRANSITION. I swear, it’s the one basic thing I just can’t do at all.

    • Oh that’s rad! I’m *not* not going to be on skates over the break.. but it’s not the same as hitting people at the same time.
      You should check out Skaterz in Eltham, I think they run adult skate classes so you can continue to work on transitions and stuff.
      It also takes a while to pick up transitions, I don’t think it’s an immediate thing… and one side will always be better then the other.

  2. I have already been to the gym 3 times this week, cycle class will continue to be my off season best friend, plus I have set myself the goal of beating the current Hit and Miss Leg Press record of 300kgs as I was super close before i hurt my knee and its my own personal lil goal!!! After Christmas, I will focus on what I’m putting into my body as much as what I’m getting out of it!

    • I think bike work is the best type of low impact exercise to keep those legs in peak condition (for us that have knee or ankle issues).
      You Go Glen Coco for that record!!

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