Birthday Haul

So my Birthday came and went. I extended the celebrations for as long as I could without it spilling over to some other baby jesus’ birthday shenanigans.

I had a fantastic week. I was taken out for a lovely dinner on Wednesday night at Kumo Izakaya on Lygon St. An Izakaya is to the Japanese what tapas is to the Spanish. It was amazing food! Also indulged in a sake flight: three 60ml samples of varying sake from dry to sweet. Enjoyed that immensely.

birthday adventures

On Thursday (my actual birthday) I took the day off work and took myself shopping. I kick started the morning with a coffee and custard brioche from Dulcita on Brunswick St, Fitzroy before I BOUGHT ALL OF THE SHOES!!!

Seriously. I really did. But what can you expect when Rubi Shoes has 50% off all sale stock! I scored 4 pairs for $45! #Winning!! I also bought a pair of Ah-Mazing boots from Wittner. They were my present from mum and dad… I bought the Axelle wedge sneaker, with it’s buckle and kickarse spikes, Urgh! I’m in love with this shoe!!

birthday gifts

That night I had Vixens training, our last one before our bout on the weekend (and last one for the year!). I got plenty of high-fives, they all sang happy birthday to me, I got 32 birthday hits from Spink! and rad presents from the wifey! (who doesn’t love a ninja lego necklace!?!).

Friday night I had a few friends over to continue my celebrating. I was given Dance Central 3 for Xbox 360 so after something to eat we some of us got our battle on, on the dance floor. It’s the funniest game to play, especially when some take it more seriously than others.

I also got plenty of derby-related presents too! I FINALLY got new plates for my boots. I was given the Riedell PowerDyne Reactor plates from the man (he had threaten to buy me a pair of Royal Doultan plates because I was taking too long decided which ones to get! hurr hurr he’s so funny :P). My sister got me a new Pro-tec classic helmet (I got it in white). The in-laws gave me Bont Jesa 608 Swiss Bearings which were on my Xmas list, so high-five to getting them early!! I also got a new whistle from Slay and Stax so I can blast it at coaching next year, and maybe try my hand at a bit of reffing (we’ll see!)

bday presents derby stuff

And of course Saturday was our Bout day (Yay to Vixens winning!!) and I kept the birthday celebrations going at the after party which we had at The Resurrection on Lygon St.

I spent the entirety of Sunday on the couch.

All in all, a massive birthday week. I am so grateful I have awesome friends I could celebrate with this year. I have an awesome family that spoils me rotten and a man that tolerates understands my need for new shiny derby gear! High five to that!

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