Vixens FTW!


Last night was our last bout for the year.  It was the last bout we’ll play under the current WFTDA ruleset and my team the Pulp Vixens took away with our second win!! Woot woot!

Pulp Vixens logo

It was a really hot day yesterday, it was 37 degrees when we got to the stadium *vomit* and just walking around and helping with bump-in I was sweating up a storm! This bout felt a little different leading in to it then the last. I think everyone’s head was just in it a bit more (from both sides). I knew the Sisters were going to come out strong this time and they sure did. It was a fiercely fought game.

The scores were close the entire time. We had a slight lead coming in to the second half, but the Sisters got back up and were winning at one point. We focussed a lot more with our walls and recycling to the front, successfully forcing a fast pack and switching our plays in to gear in the second half of the second half, ending the bout strong.

Final score was 131 v 91.

Highlights of the bout for me were:

  • We had some team goals set for this bout, and I really think we achieved them really well on the night! Especially holding that inside line like a bawws!
  • Having some great moments on the track with certain Sisters. Double winking with Donna Slay and telling Sin Amen Whip that I love her when we was lining up to jam for the Sisters.
  • Our Captains also asked us to set some personal goals for this bout. I wanted to concentrate on hitting a lot more, being a strong communicator on the track and holding back their jammer. I felt like I achieved that on the night, and really felt like I worked hard for my team.
  • Hitting Suzz Spender out whilst she was jammer, as I stayed in, then Donna Slay caught me off guard and hit me out too. It was an epic hit, it was really fricken Awesome! Well played Slay, well played.
  • Having a little moment in the second half where I may have lost my shit a little on the bench, so I physically turned my back to the track to have Zombattleli Screamatoma standing there. I told her I need her to pull me up if I do that, to make me calm down and refocus. To which she put that massive smile on her face and told me to calm down and go out there and hit some bitches! Thanks Nat, you were ace for me last night!! Vixens pride ourselves in keeping our Zen on the bench, we look to each other to help focus and calm down, and I love that that support is there.
  • Celebrating our win in the changerooms afterwards and having a dance off with Bliss Star (my wifey!!) to Gangnam Style!! Our Captain’s (Anna Conned Her) daughter, Mila, joined in too, it was the cutest!
  • Oh yeah, and getting MVP. Yeah. Woah! I was just talking to Miss Hellfire and Little Piece not 10 minutes before they announced MVPs for the game, discussing the fact that I’d never get MVP. I’m not a jammer, I just block. Blockers don’t get MVP. That’s my experience. That wasn’t me being negative about it all, just commenting on the fact that usually it’s given to an all rounder – someone that shines as a jammer/blocker, someone that’s consistent as both. Well that threw me when the Sisters gave it to me! Thanks ladies, I’m honoured and truly grateful for you noticing little ol’ me on the track getting all up in your biz 😉

What an epic end to our year!! That bout was fantastic to play and you ladies rock my World! Looking forward to our AGM and Christmas party next weekend and the well deserved break over the Summer!

High Five Vixens. High Five Sisters of Anarchy. High Five Northside Rollers!! Bring on 2013 I say!


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