High Five for Friday!


Fridays are good days don’t you think? Everything seems that little bit more chilled out. People are just in weekend mode already. You may have plans you’re looking forward to (yes, yes I do…) or you might just be thankful to end the week of work and get some time to relax for two days.

Either way. I like Fridays! And what better way to kick start the weekend but with a Friday Dance-off! Oh Yeah! In my old job we used to crank the radio in the afternoons, get our boogie on in our office chairs and get pumped (we actually used to call it Funk-Off Fridays!)

I’ve selected 5 tracks to hopefully get your bottoms shakin’ and your toes-a-tappin! First up is Frank Ocean with ‘Lost’. Such a rad, rad song. It’s so cruisy with just the right amount of groove. Every single time I hear this song I start to uncontrollably move in some way to the music – I love when music can do that to you!

Next up is Flume with ‘Holdin On’. I’ve been hearing a lot of his work this year, including the third track I’ve listed here (his Remix of Hermitude’s ‘HyperParadise’). He just knows how to mix some rad beats (yes, I do say the word ‘rad’ A. Lot.)

Now time to kick it up a notch… you cannot tell me your feet aren’t moving when you listen to this… well you could tell me that… but then I’d just call you a liar 😉

Now for some Duck Sauce with ‘aNYway’… if only I could choreograph all my dance moves like the ones in the film clip!

Last, but not least, RL Grime with ‘Trap on Acid’. Bust out your best robot moves and if you’ve got the room, jump around like a lunatic for a whole 2 minutes 43! This is a certified hood classic.

Pop. Lock and Roll! Dance like no one is watching! High Five to That!

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