The High Country

I caught another case of Wanderlust when an old episode of Poh’s Kitchen was on yesterday. She was in (and around) Bright, a gateway town to the Victorian Alps. What peaked my interested was the converted tobacco kiln in which she cooked in front of located in Porepunkah.

The Kiln House is located about 3 hours out of Melbourne and looks to me like the greatest weekend escape location if ever there was. There are 3 different establishments that can be booked ranging in size. There are wineries, cafes, and the Bright Brewery all within short distances.

Who wouldn’t want to have that view to wake up to every day? I’d want to visit this location in Winter, where you can curl up under a doona watching the sky unfold outside with someone warm beside you. Laze about for hours drinking all of the wine and eating ALL OF THE CHEESES!

I love the architectural features of these buildings and the way the interiors are put together. The Cavedon Kilnhouse was designed by Sally Draper Architects incorporating a simple palette of new constructive materials against the rich texture of the existing structures.

I could unwind, relax, forget about the World and really find a moment of peace. I’ve never had a holiday where I’ve just stopped. Stopped for a moment and let the World just unfold around me. Sometimes when you are on the go all of the time you do need to stop. Physically take yourself away for a moment and be calm. This seems like an ideal place to do that in!

3 thoughts on “The High Country

    • Hey, sorry for not replying sooner!
      Yes, the country out that way is stunning! More so in the winter as it tends to dry up a little in summer… but well worth adding to your list to get to one day!
      Oh, and I just checked out you blog! It’s a gorgeous little site 🙂

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