Ermahgerd – Berner Thernders!!

A week from today I will be watching some of the best roller derby skaters In. The. World take to the banked track in what I will deem THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!

You can still GET TICKETS!

I was at the hair salon this week, and like an excited 5 year old at Christmas I was explaining to my bemused hairdresser what this event means to me! I never thought I’d EVER get to watch any of these skaters live in action. But, golly gosh, I get the chance to now! High five to that RDX!

LA Derby Dolls vs Gotham!? OH. MY. GOD! Seriously!? SERIOUSLY!!?? … Bonnie Thunders AND Suzy Hotrod!? C’mon!! I do declare that that will excite the pants of most derby girls! (True Story!). Urgh! It’s too much! I’m getting WAY too excited…

Just watch this interview with Bonnie at Champs this year… she talks about her “team” and the aims “we” have… there is never any “I”, or personal agenda… and that’s fucking teamwork!

ps: did you know there’s an ermahgerd translator?? 

10 thoughts on “Ermahgerd – Berner Thernders!!

  1. SO EXCITING. I dithered a bit about going to Rollerderby Xtreme, because I don’t have anyone to go with, and it seemed kind of expensive… and then I thought, “It’s Gotham and LA, HOW IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?”

    • EXACTLY!!! How IS that even a question!!! I couldn’t afford it either.. I don’t have trackside seats… but I have A seat… and I’ll be under the same roof as these ladies SURELY their awesomeness will rub off on me somehow… 🙂

      • I forgive you 🙂 Without even a hint of sarcasm I hope you enjoy the event but I fear it will be an example of good skaters playing slow roller derby. I even hope you will report that it was fast, action packed derby from the first whistle to the final whistle, but I suspect you won’t be able to. If it is fast derby then I hope it will encourage local leagues to play fast derby like it is supposed to be played.

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