Bout Recap

So, I’ve never written a bout recap before of a game I have actually played in. I guess it’s something you should do the next day to have things fresh in your mind, not 6 days later when things start to get a little hazy and facts warped WE TOTALLY WON BY 120 POINTS AND I JAMMED AND SCORED A UNICORN… oh wait… that’s not right!!!

Last Saturday our Death Stars took to Rosebud to play against the VRDL Gold Lions in The Silence of the Slams.

So with any away game (I am deeming this an “away” game as we had to drive over and hour to the venue and we stayed overnight) I had to get my pre-bout plank on to help relax my mind and limber up.

Planking is SO 1994… so what?

I wasn’t that nervous in terms of playing in this bout, I was more concerned with what type of support I’d be to my Captain (being first time travel team Alternate!) I knew we were up against a strong side, but I was confident in our skills too, and was excited to see how it would all pan out.

First half was a hard one. We took a while to work things out and focus. We left a few holes in our plays which allowed the Lions, with their strong defensive walls, to push out the score to 94 v 54 by half time. We were hit hard with penalties too which I think knocked us about mentally and threw us off a little.

A regather of strengths during the half time break really helped pull us back together and I knew we would come back fighting. Our Captain (Suzz Spender) skated around with us as a pack to keep us warm as we repeated our chant to psyche us back up: Our Track, Our Pack, Our Points, Our (F*cking) Game!

As we were lining up for our second half gear check, someone sent a Chinese Whisper down the line to turn to the girl next to you, look them in the eye and tell them: “You are going to play the best second half of your life”. Bam! Confidence boost!

MVP Sin Amen Whip lining up to jam for us.

The second half flew by just as quick as the first. We started playing smarter, and stronger together in our walls. We started playing great offence, recycling our girls to the front to hold Jammers back and forcing penalties to secure some well earned Power Jams. We started to play more aggressive in our starts, using some great shopping trolley pushes to get our Jammers through and to get lead. We fought so hard to come back from the 40 point score difference in the first half to end the bout only down by 5.

Final score Gold Lions 138 v 133 Death Stars.

We outscored them in the second half 79 v 44, and that, in some way, is our own win!

photo by Cass McBride Photography

Moments that stood out for me personally:

  • Being on the track with Donna Slay as our Jammer and helping our blockers execute some great offence for her to score a mammoth 30 point power jam. I came off of that jam with that adrenaline rush that makes my hands shake with pure awesomeness!
  • Feeling like I’m improving in my blocking and feeling stronger and more agile.
  • No Dead Time! Hitting them before they hit me.
  • Finding my “belly-voice” and Pivoting the shit out of this bout (it’s a confidence thing and I’m getting there!)
  • Getting told by our Bench Manager (Spydee) to shut up after I hulked out at the track. I needed her to do that for me to refocus on the next jam at hand. All respect to that lady!

O Captain! My Captain!

It was a great weekend all round. Road tripping with my regular car-pooling ladies (Skizzo Fran-tik and Bliss Star). Dancing the night away with Stax Guevara at the after party and having moments of pure derby love for my fellow skaters (true story, just add alcohol!)

Looking forward to our next Death Stars bout: The Blocker Strikes Back against South Seas Roller Derby, The Banshees (it’s a double header with our newly formed B-team: The Rebel Alliance) on November 17th.

Oh, and 2 words which we introduced to a whole new crowd of people at the after party: Fight Hug!!!!! High-five to VRDL MVP, Bisceptual, who basically took on half of NSR in this new craze which is “totally” going to catch on!

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