The Ramshackle Army

Boom! Music Monday! Let’s kick this week off with a cold slap in the face and a pint of Guinness for breakfast!

This band, The Ramshackle Army, played at our after party on the weekend. I have not jumped around and gotten so sweaty in front of a band in a LONG TIME! God, it was fun. Best. Night. Ever! (oh yeah, the Bout was pretty rad too, I’ll recap that later!).

They were very Drop Kick Murphy’s and The Pogues and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! High-five to my dancing buddy Stax Guevara and for Dina Crisis for showing me some of her fancy Irish-dancing moves!

Thanks to the Rosebud Rebels for organising the whole bout and after party! Us Northside girls do love a good party!!

Silence of the Slams

So, tomorrow I am skating in this:

Our Death Stars are up against VRDL’s Gold Lions. To say I am pretty pumped is slightly under-exaggerating!

Firstly, I was voted in as our new travel team Alternate Captain! (self-high-five) which is such a huge HUGE honour to me. This meant that I had to step down as Alternate of the Pulp Vixens though, which was a bummer, but this opportunity was one I really really wanted to go for and I had support from my Vixens Captain (Anna Conned Her) to leave my name in for the vote and I got up! BOOM!

Secondly. We are playing a team from the VRDL. The VICTORIAN. ROLLER. DERBY. LEAGUE! Their All Star team is currently number 1 in Australia and their B team (the Queen Bee’s) are All Stars in training and regularly compete against regional and interstate teams (they have an upcoming bout against Perth Roller Derby West Coast Evils in a couple of weeks: FB event HERE) to great success.

We had been scrimmaging a few times at their Factory against their Gold Level skaters, so when the opportunity arose to organise a bout down at Rosebud we asked if they would field a new team of Gold Level skaters to play. There was no hesitation from them, and the Gold Lions were formed!

So, this team is coming from a well-oiled machine. A league that has the best skaters in the State to train them. A league that has a strong focus on athletic training of their skaters and expects a high level of dedication to the sport (something I truly admire). So I am expecting some pretty tough competition at tomorrow’s bout, and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed! It’s pretty god damn EXCITING!!!!

This current Death Star line up though, is Amazing. I think we’re getting stronger and stronger and working harder towards the same goal of being a true united force on the track. With our next wave of skaters coming up the ranks no one’s spot is truly safe on the travel team. You can see in skaters eyes how hungry they are to keep their spot on the team and work harder at maintaining their ranking. It’s really fucking inspiring.

So yeah, I’m pumped, so pumped right now. I’m going to high-five the shit out of this bout tomorrow. I am going to stay calm, I am going to be good support to my Captain (Suzz Spender) and help lead this awesome team! HIGH-FIVE TO THAT!!

Tattoos + Derby

… go together like a horse and carriage. This, I tell you brother…

I always find interest in peoples tattoos. In roller derby you come across a lot of people with inked skin, some with some fantastic art pieces permanently on display in a walking skating exhibition.

I came across this site the other day. The Tattorialist and spent some time perusing the beautiful photos of some beautiful ink on beautiful people. Beautiful.

Stumbled upon this picture of Orel Kichigai from Paris Rollergirls. OF COURSE there would have to be a rollergirl in there somewhere!

I would like to get a nice big piece on the back of my leg (right under my butt!). I have a few small (single coloured) black pieces on my back, but after seeing so many well-done coloured pieces I really would like to go for that next!

Living in Melbourne I know I have access to some fantastic tattoo artists.. just have to find the right match (and design).

Are you inked?