I Want Wednesdays

Maybe I should change todays “I Want Wednesdays” to “Wanderlust Wednesdays”? I was in the city today in an office on Little Collins Street, on the 20th floor. I snapped this photo while I was waiting to meet someone and for some reason it made me think of New York.

Perhaps it’s that building in the background (centre) that if you squint your eyes a little and indulged in some imagination it kind of looks like the Empire State Building (ok, maybe just the outline of the spire, but still!). I forget sometimes that I’m living in such a big city (compared to Adelaide)

I’ve been to New York City twice now. Each time I’ve been there I’ve barely scratched the surface. It’s an amazing place to visit and it would be an exciting city to relocate to and live for a while (what a crazy adventure that would be!). The first time I was there I was travelling alone and it was a stop off point on my month long adventure through Canada. The second time it was with the Mr at the end of our 5 week ride across Route 66 on a Harley (I might tell that story another time!?).

I have fond memories of the city that never sleeps and really would love to go back someday. I would stay longer. Sublet an apartment for a few weeks (sites like airbnb.com have a multitude of privately owned accommodation options) and just live it up. Immerse myself in the art culture. Shop till my feet gave out from under me. Meet the people and make connections. It would be unreal.

Oh to dream a little dream!

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