Music Monday (disguised as Tuesday)

Haven’t been keeping up my Music Monday of late. Yesterday I was busy wasting away the hours catching up with a friend for brunch. We talked for hours (literally!) and the lunchtime rush at the cafe came and went and we were still talking. It was such a good day! I had a GOOD day! Feeling positive and refreshed and just happy. It’s always lovely feeling like this.

Sometimes it’s great to have those little moments in your day. Where you can walk away with a smile and just generally feel like you had a good day, a happy day. I really appreciate that I have friends that can do that for me. Thank You!

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share some feel good happy days vibes. So Sister Act 2 it is with ‘Oh Happy Day’! You can’t tell me this song doesn’t make you smile (at least to remember your childhood and how good Whoopi Goldberg used to be!).

Enjoy. You’re Welcome.

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