So perhaps I should make a video…

So from my previous I Want Wednesday post I was talking about trying to find your passion. One of my derby girls suggested (in jest) (I think?) I remake famous You Tube videos. Because, you know, that’s what I should TOTALLY do as my passion in life!

Then as I thought about it some more… I thought: Yes! I should remake the “Shit Derby Girls Say” video, using ALL the Northside Rollers sayings that I’ve grown to love, laugh at, and cringe at. The list of sayings we already have, mixed with a bucket load of “derby general” sayings could make for a laugh-and-a-half of comedic gold!

Possibly. Maybe?

Here are a few that have already been made. They crack me up, every time I watch them. I love Raw Heidi in this first one from London Roller Girls, especially when she says “High Five” – cause that’s what Pulp VIxens do!

via: London Roller Girls

via: Angel CIty Derby Girls

via: DC Roller Girls

3 thoughts on “So perhaps I should make a video…

  1. Maybe you need to read one of your old posts, so sentimental, not sentimental no ( or something to the effect!) about making and editing videos. Maybe that is your passion you just didn’t know it yet 🙂

    • The Mr made and edited that video, I was just in it!! But glad you remembered about that clip (you got the title right too!!). I knew there was a reason why I loved ya! 🙂 xx

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