I Want Wednesday

I want to know my passion.

source: The Wanderlust Project

I want to find that one thing that inspires me to bounce out of bed every morning and high five the day from start to finish.

I feel a little lost right now. Though, to be honest, I think I’ve been a little lost most my life. I flit from one experiment to the next, plod along in my life on auto-cruise without really taking the time to figure out what I want out of my time here on Earth.

How do people decide what their passion is? I could write a list of things that might make me happy, or I enjoy doing, but can I make it a passion of mine? Can I make money out of it to support myself? Can I feel like I have a purpose?

I don’t really think it’s an easy process. I know I need to start somewhere. Pin point a direction to follow and start following it. What is the very first step though? Is it to try new things? Get acquainted with old things? Go see a life coach? Have someone kick my butt in to overdrive? Brainstorm? Go back to study? I. Just. Don’t. Know!

I have to work it out… you know, like Beyonce says…

7 thoughts on “I Want Wednesday

    • Thanks Annie! I did get in to a writers course a few years ago, but chose not to pursue it as I wanted to travel that year. It’s something worth thinking about!

  1. I think sometimes it’s hard to admit our true passions to ourselves. I just started a job in procurement. It’s perfect for me and I feel energized the whole day. I’ve spent years though convincing myself I wanted to do other roles that sounded cooler or that I would be impressed with if someone told me they did it. I don’t know how ppl work theirs out. I sortve fell into this role. Perhaps it’s more about knowing when to move on rather than having to know what you’re moving to..?

    • I’m in the predicament that I am not working at the moment, and really would like to apply for jobs that I feel in some way passionate about instead of just getting a job (again) for the sake of getting one and earning the money! I just really would like to know how people work out what direction they want to go in? If I was in a position where I was content in a job with no complaints of getting up in the morning I would deem that a success. There is more things to life then working – if I have a multitude of passions to follow outside of work and I wasn’t in a job that was eating my soul but comfortable in the role, that too would seem like a success. It’s working out your own balance, but being HAPPY with your decisions and in some way feeling passionate and driven by some type of avenue in your life.

      • Yeah, I think sometimes those things all feed into each other too. Like, if you have outside-of-work passions then that energy boosts you at work too and the whole thing just feeds itself and makes you more passionate overall.
        And sometimes it eats itself and you feel like all the passion has leached out of your life :s

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