There’s Something About Derby

So… Newsflash if you hadn’t read about it yet… I’m playing in this:

I got drafted again on to our travel team (the Deathstars – go like our Facebook page damnit!) and I will be driving the odd 838km up to Wollongong NSW this Friday to play on Saturday night in the headlining bout! Yeah, HEADLINERS! High Five to THAT!

The Steel City Derby Dolls bouted at The Great Southern Slam in the tournament level bouts and it’s been really interesting watching some of their games back (they played Pirate City and Northern Brisbane Rollers). Thanks to DNN archives we have the opportunity to watch their games and study their plays.

We’re all really excited and I think some are quite nervous about playing against a strong, experienced side. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to push ourselves as a team and play against a challenging side. We’ve got a few new skaters in our Deathstars line-up compared to our TGSS line-up and we’re looking like a freaking awesome team (just sayin!) and I’m SO SO SO excited to be skating with all these ladies again.


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