Music Monday

This song is by Pinky Beecroft (of Machine Gun Fellatio fame) & the White Russians.

I picked this today, well… because it has derby girls in the film clip. It is also filmed at one of my training venues (where our first home bout will be taking place 15th September, buy tickets HERE!).

If you’re a little bit stalker(ish) and know of a few VRDL skaters, you’ll definitely recognise a couple of the girls (Oh Hi G-Banger, Swish and Acheron Styx!). You may also spy a fellow Northside Roller in there too (Tina Sparkills to be exact).

No roller derby skaters were harmed in the making of the music video.

Happy 100!

So this is my 100th blog post! High Five to That!

I was aware I was coming up to my 100th post and have been pondering what I might write about. Should I write a celebratory piece? A reflective piece? Or a general ‘Hey y’all here’s a top 100 of awesome things’.

I’m still trying to work out what I’m even doing with this blog. I’m still trying to find the time to regularly write on it whilst trying to balance my unbalanced life. So I thought I’d just do a little “this is what’s happening now” post.

Right about now (the funk soul brother).

Derby life = more meetings than you can handle. I am now on our Executive Committee as League Secretary. This means a lot more time spent actioning things behind the scenes to help the league run smoothly, a lot more meetings (and forum/email responses) and a lot more headaches. But people have to step up and get involved and I have less commitments then others so it was easy enough to offer my help to step up to the vacated position.

A few weeks ago our home teams were drafted and I got voted in as Alternate Captain. I am very excited and thrilled to be in this team and am super excited about our upcoming home bout on September 15th! A lot of work goes in to establishing a team from the very start. We need to decide and organise uniforms, team names and design a logo. Not to mention taking team training, sorting out our team dynamics and line ups for the bout. It’s a hectic time but an exciting one!

I also got drafted again to our travel team and we headed up to Wollongong over the weekend to play WIRD’s Steel City Derby Dolls. It was an epic adventure to say the least. I am going to write a separate post about this as there’s so much awesomeness to share!!

NSR vs WIRD – photo by the Awesome Cass McBride!

Non-derby life = Well… we went to the snow. That was ace. Other then that, I don’t have much of a life outside derby. I’m not working at the moment, so while it feels like I should have all this spare time in the World, I really don’t know where the hours slip away to sometimes.

Hey look, there’s me at the snow!

Things I’m looking forward to = another visit from UK Emma. Visitors from Adelaide coming to watch my first home bout! A trip to Adelaide for my mum’s 60th (really really really miss my family!). Getting another job. Writing more blog posts and being as Awesome as I can be!! (see photo below for evidence).

PS: I’m still waiting for my letter from the Queen!

There’s Something About Derby

So… Newsflash if you hadn’t read about it yet… I’m playing in this:

I got drafted again on to our travel team (the Deathstars – go like our Facebook page damnit!) and I will be driving the odd 838km up to Wollongong NSW this Friday to play on Saturday night in the headlining bout! Yeah, HEADLINERS! High Five to THAT!

The Steel City Derby Dolls bouted at The Great Southern Slam in the tournament level bouts and it’s been really interesting watching some of their games back (they played Pirate City and Northern Brisbane Rollers). Thanks to DNN archives we have the opportunity to watch their games and study their plays.

We’re all really excited and I think some are quite nervous about playing against a strong, experienced side. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to push ourselves as a team and play against a challenging side. We’ve got a few new skaters in our Deathstars line-up compared to our TGSS line-up and we’re looking like a freaking awesome team (just sayin!) and I’m SO SO SO excited to be skating with all these ladies again.


Music Monday

So the Olympics are over. I didn’t get in to them so much this time around. I watched things sporadically and caught a lot of the highlights that were continually repeated whenever we won a medal.

Last night during general broadcast they aired a really well put together montage of moments throughout the games. They showcased the heartache, pure strength, overwhelming joy and true tenacity of athletes of the games.

Over the top was this song by Sia called “Breathe Me”. I absolutely love this song and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it (if not make me tear up). Last night it certainly made my eyes water! Watching these images from the games (I do love a good montage) and the beautiful melodic sounds of Sia’s voice was a really well matched pair.

…Warm me up 
And breathe me