I Want Wednesdays

Oh Hi there,Hi. Remember me? I hate those blogs you read that say “I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much lately….” then BOOM! You become one of them ONE OF THEM! ONE OF THEM!

Meh, life gets in the way *read “derby” gets in the way*… considering this started to become a blog “about” derby it’s interesting no? Aaaaanyway…

I am going to the snow in a couple of weeks which I am totally looking forward to. We’re staying in a large chalet with a bunch of people, and there is a SPA ON THE DECK! (not sure how much skiing I’ll actually be doing since I found out that juicy little fact!).

So for this ‘I Want Wednesday’ (thanks for the reminder English Emma that someone has been missing my posts) I want to make a snowman! A snow woman? Snow sculptures in the snow, out of snow. Snow.

…and it goes a little something like this:

But I’m sure if Matt has any involvement I’m sure we’ll end up making this:

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