killing in the name of…. derby?

Wow… I haven’t been around much on here have I?!?

I’ve been non-stop since May (it feels like). With derby training and bouts and TGSS, and 4 lots of guests visiting and work and trying to get enough sleep… well this little bloggy blog has been a bit neglected!

I have a million and one things I want to post about. So many ideas of things to write about and plenty of stories to share about the awesomeness that was TGSS!!

Oh Yes!… so to get us started for this Music Monday here’s a little snippet from the TGSS after party where the night ended with a stage full of derby girls going nuts to Rage Against the Machine’sKilling In The Name Of“. The quality isn’t great (it was filmed on a phone – thanks Mustdash!!) and it’s a bit dark, but god it makes me laugh every time I watch it… great memories!

Yes that IS me and Bliss Star on stage, being that Awesome! (no wonder my neck was killing me the next day!) Man, we know how to Par-Tay!

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