this week according to my phone…

So are you on Instagram? Cause I am and I’m kind of loving it! It was the first app I downloaded when I finally got a smart phone (which was only about a month ago – *slowly* keeping up with the cool kids, I am!).

Follow me @highfivetothat and I’ll follow you back *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Sunday we took the bike down to Mornington for lunch with Matt’s Dad and family.

Lunch was at The Grand Hotel which had some stunning stained glass lining the hallway.

Liking their old stuff better than their new stuff… I REALLY want to go to this gig! (please buy me a ticket and I will love you forever). This was my soundtrack driving to training this week!

Good derby training was good.
I had a little #winning moment which made me happy inside.

I made THE BEST nachos. No contest!

…and then it was Friday and I decided it was Margarita Day!! Iced this one up In my favourite glass that I picked up from Dick’s Last Resort when we visited Chicago. 

Yeah… so add me… like a Boss!

I Want Wednesdays

Oh Hi there,Hi. Remember me? I hate those blogs you read that say “I’m so sorry I haven’t posted much lately….” then BOOM! You become one of them ONE OF THEM! ONE OF THEM!

Meh, life gets in the way *read “derby” gets in the way*… considering this started to become a blog “about” derby it’s interesting no? Aaaaanyway…

I am going to the snow in a couple of weeks which I am totally looking forward to. We’re staying in a large chalet with a bunch of people, and there is a SPA ON THE DECK! (not sure how much skiing I’ll actually be doing since I found out that juicy little fact!).

So for this ‘I Want Wednesday’ (thanks for the reminder English Emma that someone has been missing my posts) I want to make a snowman! A snow woman? Snow sculptures in the snow, out of snow. Snow.

…and it goes a little something like this:

But I’m sure if Matt has any involvement I’m sure we’ll end up making this:

killing in the name of…. derby?

Wow… I haven’t been around much on here have I?!?

I’ve been non-stop since May (it feels like). With derby training and bouts and TGSS, and 4 lots of guests visiting and work and trying to get enough sleep… well this little bloggy blog has been a bit neglected!

I have a million and one things I want to post about. So many ideas of things to write about and plenty of stories to share about the awesomeness that was TGSS!!

Oh Yes!… so to get us started for this Music Monday here’s a little snippet from the TGSS after party where the night ended with a stage full of derby girls going nuts to Rage Against the Machine’sKilling In The Name Of“. The quality isn’t great (it was filmed on a phone – thanks Mustdash!!) and it’s a bit dark, but god it makes me laugh every time I watch it… great memories!

Yes that IS me and Bliss Star on stage, being that Awesome! (no wonder my neck was killing me the next day!) Man, we know how to Par-Tay!