I Want Wednesdays

So last week I wanted some time, some spare time, it is still the same this week. I am sitting here my eyes drooping and almost falling asleep (repeating the pattern from all of today).

But I am SO SO SOOOOOOO looking forward to this weekend!!! It’s The Great Southern Slam baby!! I fly in to Adelaide Friday night for what can only be described as the GREATEST DERBY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!!! (capital letters required!).

So, it’s simple. This ‘I Want Wednesday’ is that I want to have an amazing, stress free, hulk-free weekend full of friends, fun, laughter and kick-ass derby. I’m playing in 2 bouts with the Death Stars and so looking forward to hitting the track with these girls again, then hitting the bar at the after party with everyone and anyone! It’s going to be EPIC!!

I’m going to high five the heck out of this weekend!! Let the good times ROLL!!

4 thoughts on “I Want Wednesdays

  1. Got to Adelaide on Monday and tested out most of the bars already haha! I’ll be in the crowd cheering you on Akka!! And I’ll be drinking with you at the afterparties!! Can’t wait! Xo

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