Todays Music Monday is a cool little story.. It starts with my folks who have been visiting for the week over from Adelaide. On Friday night we went out to dinner at the Woodlands Hotel on Sydney Rd which was a great place, then afterwards we headed to our little local The Lomond just to see what band was on and show the folks the place.

They usually have cool little random bands playing and Matt and I have had a couple of good nights there with the mixed bunch of locals enjoying different styles of music. During the bands break Mum spies the gig guide on the wall and almost falls off her chair “Spectrum!! They’re playing tomorrow night, I used to LISTEN TO THEM”…

Spectrum are an Australian progressive rock band that formed in the late 60s and were notably active until the mid 70s. You can read a little more about them on their website HERE.

<cue to Saturday night> On our way home from the footy match (Essendon V Melbourne – lets NOT talk about THAT game!!) We headed in to a packed Lomond to experience Spectrum.

This is what they sounded like back in the day…

…and this is what they look like today…

It was a great gig! They sounded like a 70s rock band should (still) sound like… they played some awesome blues tracks and had everyone dancing in their seats.

Mum and Dad had a blast! We came home afterwards and jumped on the net playing their old YouTube clips, which then rolled in to playing Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, BB King and Santana until 2am! My parents sure know how to keep the party going!!

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