I Want Wednesdays

I would like some time please! Some spare time, does anyone have any?

Seriously. I want to update my blog with all the awesome derby things that’s going on lately but… I. Cannot. Find. The. Time. I’ve had some Dames of Hazzard visit me, they came along to a Northside training, we went to the VRDL double header that night and attended the VRDL masterclass the next day (that was all over a week ago now!!)

I also went to Bendigo this past weekend as part of the Death Stars line up to play Dragon City Derby Dolls Chiko Rollers and we came away with a win! It was an EPIC bout to say the least!! So much to report on that… so little time to do it in.

We’re also ramping up towards The Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in 10 days time! I have training and meetings and wrangling and my parents are visiting at the moment and I have to work and somehow sleep somewhere in between all that (I’m not a happy camper when I’ve had minimal sleep!).

I just need a little time… I didn’t even have time to update a Music Monday (ok, granted i did have some time, but I was recovering from being the last Northsider standing at the after party Saturday night… Yes, it WAS a 2 day hangover!)

So here’s a little Cher in a leotard straddling a gun to make up for it! Yeah! High five to THAT!


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