Inside All of Us is a WILD THING.

Maurice Sendak died yesterday. Author and Illustrator of one of the most beloved children’s books “Where the Wild Things Are”.

source: braddunne – 30 day book challenge

This book was a treasured read for me as a kid. I was talking about it to a friend on my way home from work today and she noted that we’re at that age where those things that we recognise as being a part of our childhood are all slipping away. These things naturally happen in life, doesn’t mean you cannot take a moment to stop, recognise people’s greatness and appreciate what they may have done on their life’s path.

Below is the music video from Karen O & The Kids’ song ‘All is Love’ from the Spike Jonze movie he made of the book in 2009, it’s a lovely song and the movie was great at bringing this wonderful book to life.

There is a good recap on Sendak’s impressive (and highly interesting) life over on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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