The Great Southern Slam

So, I made the roster for our travel team! *fist pumps the air* which means I will be playing at The Great Southern Slam! <insert happy dance>

The Great Southern Slam (TGSS) is a 3-day-long roller derby tournament in Adelaide hosted by Adelaide Roller Derby (ADRD) over the June long weekend. Leagues from across Australia and New Zealand will converge on rAdelaide to play in challenge bouts, league match-up bouts and tournament games.

Watch this clip about the first TGSS hosted back in 2010.

Our team the Death Stars will be playing in 2 of the league match-up bouts. There was a change in the original schedule (with 2 teams having to pull out) so we are now matched up with 2 Adelaide teams.

The first game (which is at 2pm on Sunday) we play against MY OLD LEAGUE!! Murder City Roller GirlsHomicidolls“. I’m so freakin excited to see these girls, but now I’m skating against them!? Both weird and incredibly exciting at the same time! Our second league match-up bout is on the Monday against Light City Derby at 12pm.

It’s going to be a whole weekend overload of derby. There are so many things I’m excited about seeing (especially some of the tournament bouts) and can’t wait to go back to my home town to catch up with SO many people (and see family!). I am BEYOND excited… can you tell?

5 thoughts on “The Great Southern Slam

  1. Oh man, you’re playing your second game the same time we are, which means I can’t come cheer for you 😦
    Unless our tracks are side-by-side and I can cheer between jams 😉

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