May is the month for derby!

This month is Out. Of. Control! Every single weekend is booked up with derby! All but 1 weekend is double derby days!

Northside have an inter league scrimmage coming up. Some Dames are coming to visit and we’re heading to the VRDL double header on that weekend – we’re also all doing the same VRDL masterclass the next day. Northside are Bouting Dragon City Derby Dolls in Bendigo AND this weekend I’ve been asked to help fill a team at the Debutante Brawl hosted by Rosebud Rebels!

Squeeee!! My first bout as part of Northside, it’s all very exciting! (and just a little nerve-wracking too!!) I’ll be on the Prom Screams with a couple of other Northside skaters, but the rest will be majority of East Vic skaters.

It will be the first time Matt has seen me play too, which is actually the best part! He’s also bringing along some family to introduce them to my World of roller derby!

High-five to all this Derby! It’s going to be a GOOD month of May!

5 thoughts on “May is the month for derby!

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