say my name, say my name…

I thought I’d do a little review as a few people have asked where I got my new derby nameplate from and I thought I’d share the love!

I ordered my new nameplate from Miss Cake in the UK. I’d been looking for a sturdy acrylic nameplate for ages and stumbled upon this site by pure accident. I ordered the Personalised Roller Derby Necklace so I could have some input with the font and colours.

Sarah from Miss Cake was a gem. She emailed me an initial draft of the design for me to approve and we then emailed back and forth a few times with adjusted designs, until I asked the ever faithful friends on Facebook for their input (but decided to go with the original design I was sent!).

The nameplate itself is made of 2 layers of 3mm acrylic and I chose my 2 league colours (green and black) with a silver chain (you can also specify the length of the chain) that sits just on my collarbone. It’s quite light weight, so I probably wouldn’t wear it skating in a bout as it would fly around a bit.

Overall I think it looks great! The delivery time was super fast (considering the reputation of the UK postal delivery service!) I was happy with the price I paid and I’ve had tonnes of compliments on it and friends all asking where I got it from.

So now you know. Go get one and you too could look as fabulous as me! High five to Miss Cake!

I Want Wednesdays

I would like some time please! Some spare time, does anyone have any?

Seriously. I want to update my blog with all the awesome derby things that’s going on lately but… I. Cannot. Find. The. Time. I’ve had some Dames of Hazzard visit me, they came along to a Northside training, we went to the VRDL double header that night and attended the VRDL masterclass the next day (that was all over a week ago now!!)

I also went to Bendigo this past weekend as part of the Death Stars line up to play Dragon City Derby Dolls Chiko Rollers and we came away with a win! It was an EPIC bout to say the least!! So much to report on that… so little time to do it in.

We’re also ramping up towards The Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in 10 days time! I have training and meetings and wrangling and my parents are visiting at the moment and I have to work and somehow sleep somewhere in between all that (I’m not a happy camper when I’ve had minimal sleep!).

I just need a little time… I didn’t even have time to update a Music Monday (ok, granted i did have some time, but I was recovering from being the last Northsider standing at the after party Saturday night… Yes, it WAS a 2 day hangover!)

So here’s a little Cher in a leotard straddling a gun to make up for it! Yeah! High five to THAT!


Bendigo here we go-oh!

Oh yeah, so tomorrow I’m heading up to Bendigo to skate in my first bout as a Death Star! It’s a little bit exciting, OH YES!

Dragon City Derby Dames are hosting the Mortal Kombout. Our Death Stars are playing their Chiko Rollers. There is also a mix up bout beforehand between the Scorpions vs the Sub Zeros which is made up of skaters from a few different leagues (including a couple of our new green stars making their debut!!)

I am rather nervous about it all but extremely excited too! I don’t know what to think right now, it’s come around so quick and I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had a chance to focus on the prize!

I just can’t wait to skate with my team. This line up is the same line up we’ll be taking to The Great Southern Slam, so this bout is a fantastic opportunity to hone our strategies and see what works and what doesn’t.

High five Death Stars! ALL TOGETHER ALL OF THE TIME!

I got passion in my pants

Well aren’t you all lucky! You get a DOUBLE-DOSE of Music Monday. That’s right… I came across this video while I was catching up on my backlog of posts on my Google Reader. This was posted by Lexi from Glitter & Pearls a couple of days ago.

Oh. Em. Gee! This IS how LMFAO should sound! Now, I do love the original for a crazy dance around the house while I’m cleaning… but this guy just made it a whole other level of Awesome!!

I couldn’t wait till next Monday to share it. So watch it. Enjoy It. You’re Welcome!

When I say PROM you say SCREAMS…

So my first weekend in May (the month for derby) didn’t quite end up being the double-derby weekend I expected. I ended up getting a horrid head cold on the Friday morning, therefore missing my Saturday training (and guest coaches from South Seas! Boo!). By the Sunday I was more snotty then sinus-headachey so I made my way down to Rosebud for the Debutante Bout (didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bout!).

I had skated this rink before. Last year we drove over from Adelaide to stay in Rye over the Easter break and as soon as I knew where we were staying I googled what rinks were close by so I could take my skates and get in some rink time (at that stage I was still a freshie and needing as much time on skates as possible). So I remembered a little bit about the surface and what the venue was like.

I was rostered on the Prom Screams, made up of a few fellow Northsiders with the rest of the team made up of the Witches of EastVic (from East Vic – duh!) They were a top bunch of girls making us feel welcome to the team, and handing over our lovely PINK singlets to wear for the bout!

Pink Ladies in all our Hotness!!

As I’ve said before (here and here) it is interesting and a little challenging to adapt your play and strategy to work with girls you’re not familiar with. I knew some of these girls, but we’d never scrimmaged closely together before, let alone bouted! But I was excited to lend myself to their team in whatever way I could.

a sneaky Northside logo amongst the pink!

It was a little comforting that our Bench Coach and Manager were our lovely Northsiders Suzz Spender and Sin Amen Whip – friendly faces for me which helped out greatly during the day.

Lolita Daze and I the only Prom Screams on the track!

This was an East Vic vs Rosebud Rebels bout, so our rotation in the line up wasn’t high, which I was more than happy with considering the state of my health. It really was an exciting game, it was kind of hard not watch the action on the track when you were lining yourself up for the next jam on the sidelines.

It was a really close game. At one point the Screams were up by about 15, then Rosebud (Gate Crashers) caught up, then we were level 112 a piece towards the end. We got a little penalty happy (sending some of us to the box) towards the end of the bout which saw the Gate Crashers rack up the points extending their lead and taking it away 161 to our 150.

High-five to Rosebud Rebels for hosting this awesome little bout and another High-five to the girls from East Vic who let us Northsiders come join in the fun!!

There’s some extra photo’s from the bout HERE on the Rosebud Rebels Facebook page.