(not quite) Music Monday

Ok, so it’s not exactly a music video, but it’s still a clip worth watching, and it’s MY blog so I get to bend the rules a little (plus, as the clip says “throw out those rules”).

This is a TEDx speaker at Seneca College. Her name is Monica Mitchell, known on the roller derby track as ‘Monichrome’ and is a founding member of the Toronto Roller Derby League. She skates for the Death Track Dolls and the league’s travelling B-team, The Bay Street Bruisers.

Source: Death Track Dolls – Dan Lim Photography

In this clip she talks about how roller derby ignited her passion and taught her about dedication and perseverance. She talks about some ideas worth following in any aspect of your life: Throw out the Rules; Develop strategy from Chaos; Don’t forget to stretch; Lead with your heart; Practice failure and Roll with it.

To quote Monichrome: “They’re not ‘rules’ because I think rules are meant to be broken, but they are ideas worth sharing” So, I wanted to share this with you! Enjoy!

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