Don’t Drive Angry!

Sometimes, maybe, you shouldn’t ‘skate it out’.

Angry Beavers

Sometimes when you’re angry, you can harness that and actually get stuck in to training that little bit harder, push yourself that little bit further, leave your crap at the door and skate it out.

Sometimes you cannot – or rather, sometimes I cannot.

When you’ve just had a crappy day and every little thing irks you and you catch every red light, and you feel like you’re running down a stop watch to make training and you want to punch that smiling person who greets you at the door and you Just. Want. To. Put. Your. Skates. On! Perhaps, just perhaps, you need to stop, breathe, and reassess whether you should actually be there or not.

Derby is an emotional sport as it is (at times), add that to being a woman and being a hormonally charged being as well! Pfft! Some days just don’t work out for us!

Yesterday was one of those days. For me.

I managed to get to training just in time to help out with our new Fresh Meat intake, and that was fantastic to see so many new girls out there skating… but I missed scrimmage before that, and our guest coach… but I think that was for the better with the mood I was in!

Helping out with fresh was a great. It snapped me out of my headspace for a moment and let me give what I could to help, feeling needed is a lovely gift. One of the girls came up to me afterwards and we had a chat and she thanked me. I appreciated that.

You know what else helps times like these? Going to the pub after training, having a few and laughing so hard it hurts! Derby girls are funny bastards!

How do other people deal with days like these? Have you ever pulled yourself out of training because your headspace just wasn’t right? What things work for you to put yourself back on the right track?

…and my favourite quote from Groundhog Day that inspired this post:

5 thoughts on “Don’t Drive Angry!

  1. I pulled myself out of training today – for the first time ever. I didn’t go to training in a bad mood but I was a bit distracted by back pain. We were doing a drill and people were trying to achieve different things and someone on my team cracked it and stopped contributing. I just quietly excused myself and let the T1 know.
    What do you suggest, wise Akka, for dealing with that kind of sitch?

    • I understand about the back pain, that’s something I have to deal with and it can be distracting. It’s a fine line that you either have to push through and concentrate, or pull yourself so you don’t do real damage.

      If someone is cracking it for their own reason, call them on it. Don’t let their actions dampen your training experience. I know it can be annoying or distracting, but best is to walk away. Find someone else that wants to train the way you do and stick with them for the rest of the session.

  2. I loved seeing you there and having fun with Tash; I wouldn’t have had the foggiest that you weren’t in the best of moods, either. I know this sounds cheesy, but I was REALLY touched that you guys showed up. Skating with us and being there made me, at least, feel like we were being included as part of something and seen as having the same potential as anyone else. I felt awesome after leaving on Saturday, and when I was thinking about it afterwards, a huge part of that was because it felt really inclusive. So thankyou for turning up and skating with us, especially since you didn’t feel so wonderful.

    Personally I’ve found that anger is easily skated out for me… but depression is a hell of a lot harder (I’ve found unstructured rink/carpark/etc time works wonders for that), and anxiety… I shouldn’t even go there. I think it’s different for everyone, and depends on how we react and deal with our shit. I know people who’ve found that skating has pretty much fixed their anxiety issues… but for me, (particularly if I’m also feeling frustrated with myself– and watched by people–) I just get into awful headspace with anxiety and will come off skates feeling worse.

    That said, it’s different for everyone. You know yourself better than anyone else does.

    *big hugs* and I hope you’re feeling better soon. I WANNA SKATE WITH YOU AGAIN! 😀

    • I’m so happy you had such a positive experience with everyone on Saturday!! You’re going to love it at Northside! It was fantastic to see so many girls skating together, we had all levels helping out or joining in, it was Awesome!
      Hopefully I’ll get to help out a little more with the freshie intake over the weeks, but you’ll always see me around the place 🙂

      • I loved it, and I’m SO excited. Seriously, I left there on a complete buzz and I really appreciate that so many of the league turned up to help us out and make us welcome. 🙂 I loved seeing so many of us there, too: EPIC. It was like being on the rink, but with everyone being in derby mode, and the NSRs just have this infectious sense of fun. I’m TOTALLY going to love it. 🙂

        And… look forward to seeing you around! 😀

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