How far have you come?

This was the group I passed my grading with when I first started roller derby with Murder City Roller Girls. It feels like a lifetime ago – when really it was only just a little over 12 months!

photo by Corpse Carbie

It’s interesting to reflect on how far everyone has come and what path their derby journey has taken them on. There’s a couple who have stopped playing all together, 2 have moved interstate (that includes me!) 1 has moved to Canada! 1 has moved to another league in Adelaide, 1 broke her foot (in 2 places!) at the end of last year and is now coming back from recovery (high-five Indie Cider!).

The rest have all been invovled with the continual growth of the league, have bouted for league teams and a handful have made the travel team this year, bouting in Hobart against Convict City (and soon to play at TGSS). Oh and one of them made the front cover of Hit and Miss Magazine this month!

I think you share a special bond with people you begin this journey with. You were going through the same tough trainings together, the beginner nerves and self doubt. We were all “fresh” together, the newbies of the league – there’s an understanding there. I may be on my own, new journey now, but it’s always great to keep in contact and follow the journey of these girls I started with!

It sucked big time when I had to leave them all, they had become my little family (especially as 1 was my Mistress and 1 was my Wife!) – but I’ve found a new family now, and my adventures in this sport have never been so exciting! High-five to that!!

3 thoughts on “How far have you come?

  1. It’s amazing to look back on, isnt it! I’ve been thinking about our cohort’s journey a bit this week as our newest members have just started scrimmaging. They’re not shit by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, as I told a couple of them, the standard that they are starting at is much higher than the standard our lot started out at). Nonetheless, watching their first ventures out on to the derby track as derby girls has highlighted to me how far we’ve come – how much we’ve improved in terms of understanding the rules, implementing strategies, being comfortable on our skates and working together. High five to us!

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