NSR Easter Scrimmage Extravaganza!

On Easter Saturday my league (Northside Rollers) put on an Open Scrimmage Extravaganza!!

Our very own Bonnie Crash worked her magic with organising this event, opening the invite to the surrounding leagues to come and play!

We ended up having skaters join us from Ballarat Roller Derby League / Diamond Valley Roller Derby Club / East Vic Roller Derby / Geelong Roller Derby League / Latrobe City Roller Derby / Murray River Derby Dames / South Sea Roller Derby / Victorian Roller Derby League and Westside Derby Dollz.

We had about 70 skaters in total and a full contingent (and then some) of visiting Refs! It was an awesome sight to see as we all warmed up on the track.

Leading up to the day we were told which team we were on and to wear a black or white scrimmage top. The day was to run with the first hour being an Amber scrimmage – which meant skaters could positional block and use light surging ONLY – no hard hitting! The second hour was Green scrimmage which was full contact.

The 2 teams lining up.

I went in for both scrimmages. You would line up and the Jams would just rotate through the line. Pretty much everyone went in for Amber so the wait to get a turn to skate took a little longer than the Green hour.

Here are some action shots from the day:

It was so great to see some of the newer skaters get in there and have a go, plus some of the Vets helping them out and giving advice. Mingling in the line it was great to chat to other skaters from other leagues just to hear their game play and strategies.

Hanging out with Donna Slay in the Black line.

At the end of the day.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that many whistles blow at the end of a jam as I did that day. We had so many refs involved with this scrimmage it was just fantastic! There were a couple of funny moments, especially when skaters who weren’t familiar with the venue (and the white track that is laid) kept cutting the track in a major way and we got a very vocal reminder from Ref Fan Boy of which line the track was.

Our wonderful ref pack!!

It was such an Awesome day all round. Just to skate with all different levels, chat to girls from other leagues and learn things from them too! There really was a whole lot of derby love floating around that day. Lots of smiles and laughs, I did not see any douche-bag behaviour whatsoever!

High five Northside for putting on an Awesome day out! Hope we get to do it again someday soon, it was a fantastic derby day!!

Stax, Bio and Me!

Afterwards some of us converged on the Raccoon Club (again, in 2 days!?) and enjoyed plenty of “Easter” alcohol, only to be witness to some AH-Mazing interpretive dancing, hip-checks in back alleys and some dance-offs in lounge rooms!

My wonderful Matt came and saved the day and picked me up sometime around 2am… pity I forgot I had the car keys and he had to come get me on the back of the motorbike!! The cold ride home certainly sobered me up a little… well… just a *little*…

PS: Thanks to Stax for letting me throw the camera at her when I was in with the Green scrimmage so she could take some photos for me!

8 thoughts on “NSR Easter Scrimmage Extravaganza!

  1. owww im moving to melbourne!! Wow this is the best ive beeen thinking exactly how an open jam session would be or could work! I love it. 😀

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