Good Friday was Good.

On Friday Matt and I met some Northside girls at Ceres for a picnic and a bike ride. It was lovely weather for it! Everyone bought along some yummy food to share and we even had an impromptu easter egg hunt!

After the food was devoured we hopped on our bikes and headed along the Merri River trail towards Coburg. Matt and I hadn’t ridden in that direction on the path before, so it was good to explore.

We actually didn’t ride too far when we stopped for a break and as it was warm and everyone was getting hot decided to find an open bar to have a cold one.

Suzz Spender’s house wasn’t too far off the track, so we decided to invade her balcony and drink her beers until the local bar was open. We ended the night at Raccoon Club playing cards and drinking until we realised we all still needed to ride our bikes home!! Oops!

It was a fantastic start to the Easter long weekend!

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