I want Wednesdays

A new skate bag!

I was telling someone about these last night. A few of us went to Eltham Skaterz for a public skate as training was cancelled for the night. There was 5 of us in the one car, and you could smell the derby!

I had to do a little research online as I couldn’t remember what brand these were. Pretty sure these are the bags and they are from Shock Doctor. They are generally aimed at hockey players (but see BSM Sport for other varieties aimed at motorcross riders) which has a ‘power dry blower’ that you can attach to the bag to dry all your gear.  In. The. Bag!!

Here’s an excerpt from an article about them on NHL Digest:

“…the Power Dry bag provides a great method of carrying (complete with wheels) and protecting your equipment, while including a system to dry, deodorize and keep your gear fresh.

The Shock Doctor bag accomplishes this through a patented airflow technology that combines the bag with a blower system (sold separately). The system provides not only controlled heat and airflow throughout the bag, but also utilizes ozone technology to deodorize the equipment at the same time”.

Dry and deodorised gear without me taking my stuff out of my bag!? Don’t mind if I do!! It’s going on the list!! (take note Matt!)

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