Sunshine. On my window. Makes me happy.

Like I should be!

I was actually out at a coffee shop when it hit me. This wave of super happy warm fuzzies. I actually wanted to race home and document this little happy-dance moment in time so that when things are feeling crappy I can reflect back to this and know that sometimes life really can be awesome and make you feel this good.

I just wanted to note this, to stop and recognise how freakingly happy I am right now. It’s been a while since I can actually say in all honest to goodness (with all these warm fuzzies running through my body) that I am feeling so very very happy with my life right now.

So many awesome things to look forward to in the next few months. Easter picnics, interleague scrimmages, the Bonnie D’Stroir bootcamp, VRDL masterclass, watching the NSR girls bout in Bendigo, The Great Southern Slam, a visit from my folks, a visit from The Emma’s and a visit from my favourite Squirrel!!! Gosh!!

The next few months are going to be filled with super happy fun times and that deserves the highest of fives!

11 thoughts on “Sunshine. On my window. Makes me happy.

  1. You go girl!! I call them “privileged moments”, where you just KNOW you are exactly where u should be and not one little thing is needed to make that single moment any better. I love ’em – may u have many more to come!!

    • Thanks!! I’m not 100% sure I’m exactly where I should or want to be right now doing what I’m doing. But I am happy right now and it was like this little wave over me and I truly stopped and thought ‘Wow, this is what real honest happiness feels like” it was really really nice 🙂

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