(not quite) Music Monday

Ok, so it’s not exactly a music video, but it’s still a clip worth watching, and it’s MY blog so I get to bend the rules a little (plus, as the clip says “throw out those rules”).

This is a TEDx speaker at Seneca College. Her name is Monica Mitchell, known on the roller derby track as ‘Monichrome’ and is a founding member of the Toronto Roller Derby League. She skates for the Death Track Dolls and the league’s travelling B-team, The Bay Street Bruisers.

Source: Death Track Dolls – Dan Lim Photography

In this clip she talks about how roller derby ignited her passion and taught her about dedication and perseverance. She talks about some ideas worth following in any aspect of your life: Throw out the Rules; Develop strategy from Chaos; Don’t forget to stretch; Lead with your heart; Practice failure and Roll with it.

To quote Monichrome: “They’re not ‘rules’ because I think rules are meant to be broken, but they are ideas worth sharing” So, I wanted to share this with you! Enjoy!

I Want Wednesdays

I want these boots so so BAD! {swoon}.

There’s a flash sale on at the moment and I could get them for 50% off… but alas they would still be $85! (which I simply do not have spare to throw away on gorgeous glitter boots that I would barely wear but would put on a shelf and look at everyday).

I think they were made by tiny pixies in a land far far away.

Ringmaster Glitter Boot from Sportsgirl

Shiny Happy Faces

Today I headed to the gym with Bliss Star to get our weights on and build the buff!

A huge part of roller derby is the fact that you really need to be cross-training your body for all over strength. We spend practically all of our derby training sessions on skates – practicing drills, agility and strategies.

The responsibility has to fall on the individual to work on our physical fitness, especially our core and upper body strength outside of training hours.

Dubbs from Sioux City Roller Dames wrote a good article about Cross-training, stating: “Cross-training improves fitness, reduces possibility for injury, it will strengthen your heart, bones, and joints, creates a total body work-out, reduces body fat, but more importantly it conditions different muscle groups and helps develop muscles that are not often used in your regular routine.”

This is something that I haven’t focussed on much in the past – but is something I really want to get motivated to work on now. It helps finding someone that wants to work on these things too, especially to drag your ass off the couch on these cold days!!

Bonnie D’Stroir has started a new Facebook page celebrating these ‘Shiny Happy Faces‘ moments after you’ve flogged your guts out at the gym. A positive encouragement for a job well done and for us all to be proud of how shiny and happy we feel after our workout!

Shiny Happy Faces

Today we worked on a lot of upper body strength training using free weights and some set weight machines, with some core work at the end. I think I’d like to also start swimming again and mixing up the week with a Pilates or Yoga class for flexibility too. That, combined with 3 training sessions a week, I’m sure to be Superwoman in no time!

What cross-training do you do? Do you like to mix things up a bit, or have a set routine that you follow weekly? I’m interested to hear how other people work on their fitness outside of derby.

Don’t Drive Angry!

Sometimes, maybe, you shouldn’t ‘skate it out’.

Angry Beavers

Sometimes when you’re angry, you can harness that and actually get stuck in to training that little bit harder, push yourself that little bit further, leave your crap at the door and skate it out.

Sometimes you cannot – or rather, sometimes I cannot.

When you’ve just had a crappy day and every little thing irks you and you catch every red light, and you feel like you’re running down a stop watch to make training and you want to punch that smiling person who greets you at the door and you Just. Want. To. Put. Your. Skates. On! Perhaps, just perhaps, you need to stop, breathe, and reassess whether you should actually be there or not.

Derby is an emotional sport as it is (at times), add that to being a woman and being a hormonally charged being as well! Pfft! Some days just don’t work out for us!

Yesterday was one of those days. For me.

I managed to get to training just in time to help out with our new Fresh Meat intake, and that was fantastic to see so many new girls out there skating… but I missed scrimmage before that, and our guest coach… but I think that was for the better with the mood I was in!

Helping out with fresh was a great. It snapped me out of my headspace for a moment and let me give what I could to help, feeling needed is a lovely gift. One of the girls came up to me afterwards and we had a chat and she thanked me. I appreciated that.

You know what else helps times like these? Going to the pub after training, having a few and laughing so hard it hurts! Derby girls are funny bastards!

How do other people deal with days like these? Have you ever pulled yourself out of training because your headspace just wasn’t right? What things work for you to put yourself back on the right track?

…and my favourite quote from Groundhog Day that inspired this post:

How far have you come?

This was the group I passed my grading with when I first started roller derby with Murder City Roller Girls. It feels like a lifetime ago – when really it was only just a little over 12 months!

photo by Corpse Carbie

It’s interesting to reflect on how far everyone has come and what path their derby journey has taken them on. There’s a couple who have stopped playing all together, 2 have moved interstate (that includes me!) 1 has moved to Canada! 1 has moved to another league in Adelaide, 1 broke her foot (in 2 places!) at the end of last year and is now coming back from recovery (high-five Indie Cider!).

The rest have all been invovled with the continual growth of the league, have bouted for league teams and a handful have made the travel team this year, bouting in Hobart against Convict City (and soon to play at TGSS). Oh and one of them made the front cover of Hit and Miss Magazine this month!

I think you share a special bond with people you begin this journey with. You were going through the same tough trainings together, the beginner nerves and self doubt. We were all “fresh” together, the newbies of the league – there’s an understanding there. I may be on my own, new journey now, but it’s always great to keep in contact and follow the journey of these girls I started with!

It sucked big time when I had to leave them all, they had become my little family (especially as 1 was my Mistress and 1 was my Wife!) – but I’ve found a new family now, and my adventures in this sport have never been so exciting! High-five to that!!