God damn you better Jam!

So two weeks ago I had my first scrimmage with Northside Rollers (NSR). I was still quite nervous stepping up to the plate to play with these girls, still finding my confidence and slowly reclaiming my fitness level.

In normal instances when I have scrimmaged in my previous league we lined up in two lines, if we wanted to be blockers or if we wanted to be a jammer. I never jammed. I don’t jam. This time teams were split in to two, evenly placing the various levels of skaters.

I was really starting to find my groove in the first half, finding my voice on the track and getting a feel of how I needed to work with the team.

Half time we had a debrief, then it was asked who hadn’t jammed yet. I kind of avoided the question before Donna Slay handed me the jammer star and said ‘you haven’t jammed yet. You’re jamming first up”. God damn, I have to jam!? Ok, ok, I can do this. Normally given the option, I won’t jam. I’m just not a jammer. But EVERYONE that plays derby is a jammer. To be a better blocker, you need to jam. To be a better team mate and have better track awareness, you need to jam. Get out of your comfort zone already and JAM!


The second half was a little bit of a haze. I ended up jamming twice in that half. I think the first time I ended up in the box for a major, but the second time I ended up getting through the pack, not with lead jammer (but still) I was so over the moon that I found that gap my team mates gave me and skated through.

I made a little pact with myself when joining this new league that I would push myself out of my comfort zone. I would work at things that always scared me and suck it up and Just. Do. It!

Tonight at training we ran an endless jammer drill and I loved it! Even though I was knocked over (or was out for a back block! Oops!) I loved it. It’s training, it’s when you SHOULD be practicing all those things you need to improve on. This is when you have trainers to point out what you’re doing wrong (and not refs sending you to the box in a bout!) and when you should be taking every opportunity to throw yourself in to drills and try your hardest!

It’s only been a few weeks back training full time with this new league, but I’m already feeling myself getting back that fitness I lost, and finding some confidence that I lacked previously. High-five to that God Damn It!

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