So, funny thing about coincidences

So last week I posted about how it’s not easy being green.

Funny thing? The new league I’ve started training with, their league colours are GREEN!! Coincidence No?

I’ve started attending training sessions with Melbourne Northside Rollers and so far, so good. The girls seem really nice and happy to have me skating with them. One of them even recognised me from the bootcamp we both attended with VRDL in January, so that was a great ice breaker!

At some point I will be graded to see what level I slot in to. But right now I will be attending the all levels training sessions and working towards getting my fitness back up there.

It’s still a little nerve-wracking as it’s early days, and I’m still meeting all of the skaters and finding my feet… But it hasn’t been too hard being green after all, and I’m excited that I’m back on skates and training again.

Go like their Facebook page HERE.

5 thoughts on “So, funny thing about coincidences

    • Oh super! What are their names? I’m still getting to know all the girls, and have only skated a couple of sessions with the freshies as they’ve popped me in to their Orange level training 🙂

        • Oh yeah, pretty sure I’ve met Laura! So I’ll say hi to her. I’m helping out with freshie training tomorrow so I’ll give her a bump from you 🙂

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