skaterz be skating

Over the weekend we went skating at the Eltham Skating Rink ‘Skaterz‘. Matt’s niece, Sophie, got given rollerblades for her 4th birthday so we thought we’d all go for a skate together.

Do you remember the first time you learnt to skate?

I must have been only 5 or 6. We were living in Townsville and I remember a period of time where my parents would take us every Sunday afternoon to the local rink. I started by skirting the railing on the outside of the rink before one day, I just let go, and I could skate! I still remember that moment, finally not having that fear of falling and just going for it!

Skaterz is definitely a great place for kids to go and learn to skate. The floor was brand new and oh-so-lovely to skate on. The music was blaring with video’s being streamed on the big screens and there was even a smoke machine! A SMOKE MACHINE!!! Totally gave me flash-backs of roller disco nights of my teenage years!

By the end of it Sophie had a lot more confidence and was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t want to leave (me either actually, I was enjoying my skating time too!)

Skaterz is home to the Diamond Valley Roller Derby Club and I am enviable of their training venue, it is probably the best surface I’ve skated on (big call I know!). It’s a little further to travel to then some other rinks around the city, but I’d like to think we’ll head back there… even if it’s just for the groovy music and the smoke machine!

High-five to skaterz!

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